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My Business not showing actual location in Maps

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All details seem to be correct and the location is showing on my dashboard, but in Maps it just shows the Village and has no Pin....any ideas?

I'd also like to add a bit of info saying By Appointment Only as I frequently get customers turning up when I am out filming, but can't find an option of where to put such details...?


My details:

Norfolk Film & Video Transfers

12 The Street, Lenwade, Norwich, NR9 5SD

01603 308000

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Re: My Business not showing actual location in Maps

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its for certain a kind of a strange bug.


btw it's  not the first bug of the same behavior as  I encountered in this forum.

Fortunately (for me) have been very few such cases only (which might be bad for oyur chances to get this sorted out)


Her my findings describing the core of the matter:


You still are on MapMaker with your complete content and address:


Screenshot 2017-03-07 at 18.38.18.png

 (note: the fact MapMaker still contains  all infromation doesn't hlep much as MapMaker is :"dead man walking" end of March is dead line)


Now the strange thing:

converting the above  MapMaker URL into a GMaps URL we get this one and this GMaps veiw doesn't show the address anymore.

The listing now looks as a service area looks like (but there isn't even a service area displayed

All this describes the bug.

I recommend you to contact tomorrow googles business support about this issue.

Provide them the URL  and complain about the issue as it doesn't  display any address.

Making them clear you did not specify a service area with hidden address (otherwise the MM listing wouldn't exist)


Recommend contacting them by requesting a  call back through this link:Talk to a specialist (Mo - Fri at normal office times)


Give me a feedback about their advice or reaction.

If it is insuffuciently or not helpfull lemme know soon.




Attention: Google decided in their fathomless wisdom changing in March 2017 their system of notifications about new threads or responses in the GMB forum to a very worst behavior. This way they corrupted my workflow entirely. Don't expect I will notified about any new response by you on my posting here unless you're using the mentioning functionality on your new response - mentioning me per " @[my name]"


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My Business not showing actual location in Maps

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Thanks Helmut


Contacted google using that link, and hopefully it will be resolved within 24-48hrs.  It seems that my listing was registered as a Service Area (in their system) despite me never having listed it that way (and having no way to change it)

I've never found a link to contact the google Specialists, so that's really helpful.  Thanks