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My Business Shares The Same Address as Multiple Businesses

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1190 Studebaker Rd. Suite G
Long Beach, CA  90815



I am the technical contact for SeanSalon, a hair salon business in Long Beach, CA. I just made a Google Places account for the business, so my postcard for verification is on its way. Currently, the business entity "SeanSalon" shares the same address as another business entity called "Anthony Robert's Salon." Both businesses are at the address "1190 N Studebaker Rd, Long Beach, CA 90815" or "1190 N Studebaker Road, Long Beach, CA 90815" - there are multiple businesses at that address because it is a shopping center/mall.


I found one place ID for the main address, which is Ei8xMTc2IE4gU3R1ZGViYWtlciBSZCwgTG9uZyBCZWFjaCwgQ0EgOTA4MTUsIFVTQQ - I am not sure if that covers the entire strip mall or to one business within the shopping center (Restaurants, 7 Eleven, etc etc)


Each business is differentiated by an individual "Suite," but SeanSalon (my listing) and Anthony Robert's Salon both share the "Suite G." location. SeanSalon is differentiated by a partition within "Suite G" or "Ste G" location. 


I tried to further differentiate the SeanSalon physical location from Anthony Robert's Salon location within the Google Places interface, so I put in the name of the partition belonging to SeanSalon as a Store Code. Is there another (better) way which I could differentiate the SeanSalon location without it affecting the Anthony Robert's Salon listing? Both SeanSalon and Anthony Robert's Salon are each individual business entities. Each has their own phone number and business hours. They share an entrance from the street to the reception area, but once inside, they are separate. 


Finally, when I right-clicked on "What's Here" on the current marker for Anthony Roberts Salon and got the following latitude and longitude,

33°46'52.7"N 118°06'07.7"W

another business that shares the same space as both the aforementioned businesses showed up.


My "Google My Business" account was just created yesterday, so I have not yet received the verification postcard, however, I do not want it to affect the other business sharing the space (Anthony Robert's Salon), which appears to be unclaimed.

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My Business Shares The Same Address as Multiple Businesses

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For future reference, here is the instructional video on how to share multiple businesses at the same address