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My Business Is Not Showing On Google Maps Anymore

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I'm the owner of a small music school and technical workshop in Perth Western Australia. Our business was showing up on Google Search and Google Maps for many months, until recently I searched for our business using various keywords and it is no longer showing up on Google Search or Google Maps like it used to.


For example: Before, people could type into search keywords like "piano tuner perth", and my business, along with other business, would show up on Google Search and Google Maps.


Now, if you type the same thing in, it doesn't even appear on maps, and it's ranking is is very, very low.


Business Name: Victor & Co. Piano and Historical Keyboard Instrument Service and Technology

Address: 3/554-556 William Street, Mount Lawley, WA 6050

Telephone: (08) 9467 6014

Telephone: 0497 609 266

Google+ URL:


Usual Keywords Typed By Clients and Customers:

* Piano Tuning Perth

* Piano Tuner Perth

* Piano Tuner

* Piano Tuning


My guess is that either something has gone wrong on Google's side, or somehow I've violated one of Google's guidelines. Any clues, ideas or solutions will be much appreciated. If  you would like me to provide more information, please let me know. 

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Re: My Business Is Not Showing On Google Maps Anymore

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I found it? I copied and paste your business name in Google Maps Search and took me to your business.
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Re: My Business Is Not Showing On Google Maps Anymore

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Hi Victor,

Interestingly, doing a search for "victor & co piano mt lawley" doesn't even show your website on the front page of Google search results so I think there's a bit more going on here than just dropping out of the local search results.

Have you had any warnings from Google recently about your website? It may be worth looking into the organic SEO of your website as it should definitely be showing up for a brand name search.

A couple of things you can do though as well to increase your local presence:
Use the Google Maps from your listing on the website's contact page rather than the generic Maps listing. This will increase Google's trust in you and your website. You can use this code to embed that map:
<iframe src="!1m18!1m12!1m3!1d3385.9713207349655!2d115.86459131516084!3d-31.... width="400" height="300" frameborder="0" style="border:0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

What is your real business name? The one on your Google Maps looks like it might be breaking Google guidelines by having keywords in the title - this can cause a penalty. If your business name (as used in real life) DOES NOT include " Piano and Historical Keyboard Instrument Service and Technology" the I recommend removing that phrase from your Google page.

Although the phone number on your website and the phone number on your GMB page are the same, the way the number is written on the website doesn't really conform with Australian phone standards. This can confuse Google (who's smart but not always!). I recommend writing your phone number as 08 9467 6014 which is the standard way of writing an Australian land line.

Mark up your business using Google's local business markup - available via the webmaster tools website:

If you implement the above suggestions you'll go a long way to increasing Google's trust in you as a local business.

Priya Chandra, Google My Business Top Contributor
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Re: My Business Is Not Showing On Google Maps Anymore

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Thank you very much for your answer. I will take everything into
consideration and make changes where I see fit. In regards to the business
name, I suspected that it may have been a problem. So we'll see what
happens if I change it.

Kind regards,

Victor C

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