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Multiples google maps by one company gold coast cab Ventura

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I would like to bring to your attention that we have an unfair competition that we are facing for Ventura, Oxnard and Camarillo Google map.

gold coast cab has more than 4 google maps in Ventura. If you type Ventura taxi or any keywords related you will get surprise how much gold coast cab are cheating and limiting the competition to businesses and limiting the consumers to have a wider choice.

Look it up online on Google for Ventura location as following :


Gold coast cab (805) 444-6969

Cab 4 you (805) 850-5054

Easy ride taxis (805) 444-6969

A cab for you Ventura 5443 Ralston St #105 (805) 222-0169


All these maps listed above belong to gold coast cab. Same person answering the phone, letting customer waiting ridiculous time because customer get confused with all these business names but same company.


I created Google map in Oxnard location and it was taken down, I created another one in Ventura and it was taken down. 

We are facing unfair competition and gold coast cab is misleading the online users and community.



Please advise.


Thank you in advanced,


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Re: Multiples google maps by one company gold coast cab Ventura

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will forward the info to Google
Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile

Re: Multiples google maps by one company gold coast cab Ventura

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Google took some appropriate action
Thanks for reporting
Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile

Re: Multiples google maps by one company gold coast cab Ventura

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Alos I want to bring to the attention. Please forward this as well to the google team. ROSIES CLEANING SERVICE .....

To PROVE Mr. Bendaoud is Fraud and is The SPAM OFFENDER Look at the fake reviews he wrote. These are review he has written for his owne company. Just like he did for Ventura Taxi Service & Rosie Taxi Cab

after reading these reviews go and read the reviews that are written for GMB Listing of "Rosie Taxi Cab" The same owner of "Rosie Cleaning Service" Fake GMB listing as well.

Please Forward To The Google Team.
Thank you for your time on this matter.

JIm Carmona Gold Coast Cab

Re: Multiples google maps by one company gold coast cab Ventura

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why is "H Louif" or "Abdellatif Bendaoud" owner or employees of "Rosie's Cleaning Service"?
Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile

Re: Multiples google maps by one company gold coast cab Ventura

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Yes he claims to be the owner of all these businesses. Rosie's Cleaning
Service, Rosie's taxi cab, Ventura Taxi Service, Camarillo Cab Service,
Oasis Camarillo Taxi, Oxnard Taxi, Oxnard Taxi Service and more.
None of the taxi companies are registered with the local police department
and or any government agency.
All the phone numbers ring to the same person (Mr. Benaoud) Please search
(taxi in Ventura) or any related keywords. These companies are illegitimate
spam listings.

SPAM & Scam Business (Rosie Taxi Cab) GMB Not a legal Business on Google.

[ Edited ]
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Brian W. is the one that started this thread. He is the owner of Rosie Taxi Cab. He has eliminated all the competition in the taxi business in our area.
He has more listings than I ever had. My listings where real businesses and now I have none. His business is not registered with anyone anywhere. The only place (Rosie Taxi Cab) is registered at is GMB. BRIAN W. is Rosie Taxi Cab!

Multiples google maps by one company gold coast cab Ventura

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Mr. Geissler I have very harsh news and can only speak about this by phone. Gold Coast Cab. Will you please call me? Jim Carmona 

Multiples google maps by one company gold coast cab Ventura

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I'm afriad @jim c

I don't provide support to individuals offline the forum

Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile

Re: Multiples google maps by one company gold coast cab Ventura

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We spoke about (Brian W.) Once before.....This is one of the alias name
that Mr. Bendaoud uses. He uses many different names to confuse even people
like yourself. His real name is Abdellatif Bendaoud

He has written bad reviews for all the cab companies in the local area. He
has manipulated even you. I have all the proof needed for google to close
his account and stop him form using google.
If google even know half of what is going on they would reinstate my
listing and band him for life.

37 fake 1star review at our listings 22 just on Google and the rest are on
different sites like yelp and YP. facebook and many other places.

Our Facebook Account has 3 reviews from Mr. Bendaoud and i have all the
screen shots as needed.

Mr. Geissler
Please consider talking with me via phone and PLEASE NOTIFY GOOGLE OF THIS

Look at (Brian W.) AKA (BEN)

Notice that Brian W. Singed his complainant Thank you ((BEN.)) he call
himself BEN. Short for BENdaoud. his last name.

Brian W. has used your help to close my business and many others now.


Louif Hlouif reviewed Gold Coast Cab
— *1 star*October
6, 2015 ·

Worst taxi ever. Rip off!!!!!
Unethical and overcharge customers. $10 for coming for 1 mile rde

Stan Augustyniewicz reviewed Gold Coast Cab
— *1 star*March
15, 2015 ·

Dispatcher copped an attitude when I asked why my 20 minute wait was not
there yet, FORTY minutes elapsed. FAIL!

Camarillo Taxi
reviewed Gold
Coast Cab— *1 star*October
10, 2015

READ BEFORE YOU CALL THIS CO AKA gold coast cab/ Camarillo taxi service
I am Ben, owner and operator of Rosie Taxi Cab Camarillo Cab service.
I want to take a moment to write this review for denunciating Mr jim
carmona owner of this gold coast cab co. I used to work for this guy and I
can testify by this review this is the most unethical, unrespectful person
I ever met.
I used to drive some of his cabs and I want to EMPHASIZE that all his cabs:
- do not met securities standard, old cars, no commercial license, no
stickers, brakes wont work properly, smelly and he wants to charge me for
his transmission which was broken for weeks.
- I got pulled over by the Police and they gave me $1200.00 ticket for
driving his car without insurance at all !! What type of person is he
really ? He put innocent drivers working 12hrs and over without insurance.
GOD THANK YOU I had my insurance for my back up.
If you drive for this gold coast cab : check if he has a valid insurance
before you turn on the car !
He comes to advertise all over Camarillo and leave the customer waiting for
45 mn because he needs to send a driver all way from Ventura. To
corroborate this: last week I picked up a customer and she missed her job
interview at ADP because of your poor service.
Furthermore, all friends that I knew at that time either left or quit due
to Mr jim carmona's unfair practices and he can't pay you for the money
because you have to beg to get paid.... often he says I dont have the money.
Really, think twice before your use this gold coast cab aka Camarillo taxi
service. I been here in America 3 years, and I never heard someone or
another taxi company talk nice about Mr jim carmona gold coast cab.

Rosies Cleaning reviewed Gold
Coast Cab— *1 star*October
10, 2015

Don't work for gold coast cab. My friend got pulled over and got $12.000
ticket for driving his car without insurance.
Be aware also, they overcharge customers for coming in Camarillo

This is my STATEMENT.

Hello and thank you for your time in reading what I have to say. The
forgoing information is written by me, Jimmy Carmona, Owner and Operator of
Gold Coast Cab. The information written here is true and fact. I state my
name and my personal and business repartition on the truth and validity of
this information.

I don't even really know where to start so I will do the best I can to
inform you of all that has taken place in the last 9 years in the taxi
industry on Google here in Ventura County CA, USA.

In early 2008 I listed my business on Google Places. Gold Coast Cab was up
and running. We at this time are the only taxi cab service listed on
Google. In 2008 we are the only taxi cab company to have a website up and
running for our business. You might say we were the pioneers of the online
taxi business in 2008. Only because no other taxi business in the county
had listed or even bought their own domain names at this time. In the first
year of business I decided that if the other companies in my area did not
buy there company domain names that I would perches them so that I could
stop them from using them (Later on I found this was Not Good business
practices). At this time in mid of 2008 one of the other companies Yellow
Cab started there Google Places listing. Soon to follow 3 more companies
listed there taxi businesses on Google. By the end of 2009 there are more
than 74 taxi cab businesses listed in Ventura County on Google Places. In
2010 business is going good. All the companies that are listed on Google
Places are up and running without any problems. Remember there are 74
different named TAXI Businesses listed on “Google Places” in Ventura
County. In 2011 I called most all the phone numbers listed on those
listings and found that almost every company listed there business at least
9 times or more with different names and different phone numbers. In 2011 I
went to our County Government Center and ask to see the list of all the
taxicab businesses recorded here in our County. I was shocked to see only
14 taxi cab businesses had been recorded and permitted to do business in
our county. I myself had 6 websites and 4 business listings listed on
“Google Places” at that time. Below is a list of all the taxi cab
businesses listed on “Google Places” in Ventura County in 2012

1. Gold Coast Cab

2. Yellow Cab

3. AAA Cab

4. Ventura Taxi Cab 110

5. Ventura Taxi Service

6. Ventura Taxi

7. Taxi in Ventura

8. Taxis Ventura

9. Taxi Ojai

10. Ojai Taxi

11. Taxi Taxi

12. A Taxi Cab

13. A Cab

14. AA Cab Ventura

15. A Taxicabs

16. Skyline taxi

17. Skyline cabs

18. Cali Cab Ventura

19. Angel Cab

20. We’re Driving

21. Amadeus Taxi

22. Amadeus Limousine and Shuttle Inc.

23. A Cab For You

24. Oxnard Yellow Express

25. AB Cab

26. AA taxi cab

27. Oxnard taxicab co

28. Cabs in oxnard

29. American cab

30. American taxi

31. Express taxi

32. Cab 4 You

33. Buena Cab

34. Fast Cab

35. Super Cab

36. Bee Line Taxi

37. Taxo Taxi

38. Taxo Taxi & Shuttle Ventura

39. ABC Cab

40. Roadrunner Taxi

41. Roadrunner Taxi & Shuttle

42. Red Cab

43. Gutierrez Taxi

44. Mexican Taxi Oxnard

45. Tony Taxi

46. Olly’s Taxi

47. Taxi Camarillo

48. Camarillo Taxi

49. Taxi Cab Camarillo

50. Taxi Cabs Ventura

51. TaxiCabs Oxnard

52. Oxnard Taxi Service

53. Ventura Transit System

54. Amigo Taxi

55. Fiesta Cab

56. Yellow Taxi Cab

57. Yellow Cab of Ventura

58. Pink Cab

59. Thousand Oaks Cab

60. To Cab

61. To Taxi Cab

62. Simi Valley American Taxi

63. Simi Super Cab

64. Checker Cab

65. Yellow Cab of Oxnard

66. Taxi Cab of Ventura County

67. Ventura Taxi All Ventura County Airport

68. Ventura Cab Service

69. Camarillo Cab Service

70. 2 EZ Cab

71. Taxi Service Ventura County Taxi Cab Co

72. Taxi Taxi oxnard

73. Taxis In Oxnard

74. Taxi Cabs of Oxnard Open

All Business Names Above were listed on Google Places in 2012. Only 14 Taxi
Cab Companies Recorded & Permitted In Ventura County In 2012. My Company
Gold Coast Cab “was and still is” recorded and permitted to work in Ventura
County. Every Taxi Cab Company Business legitimate or not had more than 1
listing for the same business including myself.

In early 2014 things changed drastically! Google Places changed and became
Google My Business. I think I had to read and agree to a new guideline
announcement for the change effecting my business listings on Google. So I
clicked I agree and continued with things as usual.

In March 2013 Mr. Abdellatif Bendaoud started as a trainee taxi cab driver
here at Gold Coast Cab. In late 2013 Mr. Bendaoud was terminated for to
many traffic violations. He was new in our country and had not good driving
skills. Mr. Bendaoud went back to work at Rosie’s Cleaning Service with his
wife the owner of Rosie Cleaning Service listed on Google Places out of
Santa Barbara CA, USA. He applied to drive again for Gold Coast Cab in
early 2014 as he claimed to have better driving skills and paid off all his
driving infraction violation fines. We decided to give him a second chance.
In January 2014 Mr. Bendaoud began driving taxi for Gold Coast Cab for the
second time. In March 2014 Mr. Bendaoud crashed my taxi into a huge cement
post. No injuries but my taxi was a total loss. Mr. Bendaoud told me he was
not going to pay for damages because the crash was my fault do to my text
he was reading at the time of the crash. Mr. Abdellatif Bendaoud told me “I
not pay you damage or anything you not good”. “I will start my business and
you see me beat you out.” I said to him what are you taking about. He said
“you don’t know business I start my business and kill THIS GOLD COAST
CAB!!” he cursed me “F*** YOU!” And stated. “I kill your business like I
kill your taxi”! As all this is taking place I am giving him a ride home
from our office. I am stunned I can’t believe I am hearing this from him
and, after I have given him a second chance to become a good cab driver.
This was the first time I had ever given a second chance to a person with
so many traffic infractions. I told him to be a man of your word and pay
for the damages please. He gets out of the car at his home and tells me “f
off you gona see believe me when I tell you…you gona lose this company I
take it” This was the last I had ever hoped to see of Mr. Bendaoud as he
exited my car.

By the end of the day our Google Listing “Taxi cabs Ventura” had three “1
star reviews”. Two days later Mr. Bendaoud listed a taxi company name on
Google My Business by the Name (Rosie Taxi Cab) By June 2014 Mr. Bendaoud
has 5 businesses listed on Google. 1. Rosie Taxi Cab 2. Ventura Taxi
Service 3. Oxnard Taxi 4. Oxnard Taxi Taxi 5. Camarillo Cab Service.

I too had more than on listing for my businesses on Google. These are
the names I was using 1. Gold Coast Cab 2. Taxi cabs Ventura 3. Cab 4 You
4. Camarillo Taxi Service 5. Easy Ride Taxis by the end of June 2014 my
Google Listing (Gold Coast Cab) (Taxi cabs Ventura) (Camarillo Taxi
Service) had received more than (90) 1 star reviews. Please remember that
Gold Coast Cab was the first taxi cab company listed on Google in our area
back in 2008. Not only 90+ negative reviews listed on Google But our
Facebook and other places like and suffers as well.

Since 2008 till March 2014 we had only (17 Google reviews 4.7 rating) after
Mr. Bendaoud started his business we somehow received over 90+ (1) star
reviews on Google by the time my Google account was “suspended” in late
July early August 2014. For about a period of 2 months someone kept marking
our business permanently closed. I kept having to mark as not closed. Then
our business was Suspended Again. This time Google wanted to confirm my
address again. I had to wait for a post card for each one of my business
names again. I had 3 address total one for Gold Coast Cab and 2 for
companies that I have bought from other owners that sold to me as they
decided to retire.

1. Cab 4 You

2. Camarillo Taxi Service

I started in late 2014 (Easy Ride Taxis) listed on Google as well. I have
the taxis and the company names recorded with the county of Ventura 800 S.
Victoria Ave. Ventura, CA 93001, USA. I used the addresses of our long time
taxi drivers home addresses. They would sit and wait for calls close by
home to be close to that address listed. That way we are seen in each city
we service not just Oxnard. I have all the proof needed and will provide at
any time requested.

>From June of 2014 till about late July of 2015 we kept fighting with Google
to keep our business open. Someone kept marking our listings closed. My
Google account was suspended at least 5 times in that period. Finally at
the end of July or early August 2015 my account was suspended for good. I
no longer had use of Google Maps Google plus or Google My Business. I
called many times and spoke with GMB help service and one of the tech’s
told me to delete my account completely and start over. This is exactly
what I did. I deleted my email and all my Google Account under this email this was my very first Google Account and my only
Google Account at the beginning.

I can go on for hours writing this date by date of all the spam listings
on google by all of us in the taxi business in this area. I have all the
links and all the screen shots you need to prove that all of us should be
suspended. Not just a few select companies.

>From 2014 (74) taxi cab companies listed on Google My Business in the
Ventura County Area……… to Now 12/20/16 only 5 in Ventura and 4 in Oxnard.
With Rosie Taxi Cab in the top position. How did this listing get so many
“5 star reviews” in such a short amount of time? Did Mr. Bendaoud kill off
all the other companies’ listings as well as mine?

Please investigate not only Mr. Bendaoud but all Business Listings in the
Category Taxi Service in our area. Please take a look at these images,
links and screen shots from the past to present.Hello and thank you for
your time in reading what I have to say. The forgoing information is
written by me, Jimmy Carmona, Owner and Operator of Gold Coast Cab. The
information written here is true and fact. I state my name and my personal
and business repartition on the truth and validity of this information.