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Multiple Categories

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Our business offers a few services, but two of them are seperate categories that Google lists as options. 

Is there any way we can have them both?

It is currently set to "Pilates Studio" - we would like both Pilates and Yoga as the categories, as we are fully equipped for both. 

Can we also create a new category for Aerial? 

It would be nice for clients searching for any of those if we could show up for each of them. 

All help is appreciated, thanks!

Warm regards. 

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Re: Multiple Categories

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Hi @Core Intentions P

You can select up to 10 different categories. Google Guidelines says "Use as few categories as possible to describe your overall core business from the provided list.". In my view, pilates and yoga are two different categories, so I would suggest selecting both. Your main category is important though, choose the your main category based on:
- which area of your business you most want to expand, and
- which area of your business is most focused on in the page on your website that you're connecting with your listing. 

So if you're linking to your home page, and your home page is more focused on the yoga aspect of your facility, and the home page ranks better for yoga related keywords, then make yoga your main category. 

You could get your business ranking for both those areas, but the categories you select are a small piece of the puzzle. Your website, how other websites link to your site, your reviews, etc. all play a part. 

There isn't really a way to suggest a new category, use the ones you see. From there Google will use your website, the words people use when they review you, and other factors to decide what else your business should appear for. Hope that helps!

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Multiple Categories

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Hi James, I have an analogous situation:

I have an activity with multiple categories, tobacco and newspapers shop above all (I'm guessing English categories, because I'm using it in Italian).
Newspapers is the second category and I can't find my activity by looking for newspapers shops on its zone on Google Maps.
How should I categorize it, in order to allow it to be found for any category? Shall I create two activities?


Multiple Categories

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@Massimiliano C


Believe you misunderstand the term "categories" 


Newspaper or any products are not to consider as Categories.

you can and should use any listed categories in their list of defaults.

And no never create several listings for the same business at a location.


I btw will close the old thread for new replies.

Feel free to start any new own separate thread 


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