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Moved my business, how can I get reviews to follow?

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My business name was Connecticut Pet Sitter, LLC and has been for the past six years.  I have several Google reviews and would like all of them transferred to my new business, DogAugustine, LLC.  The businesses are THE SAME in service.  Both are pet sitting, both are of my own creation, both are identical except in name (because "Connecticut Pet Sitter wouldn't do well in Florida) and address.  

I just registered my new business, DogAugustine, and verified the address, thinking I was changing location of my old one, but Google ended up making a new page for the business.  Now my old business is showing up as unclaimed.


I would be so very grateful if someone can help me with this.

I can't find the Google + URL for the Connecticut Pet Sitter, LLC but the business is "Connecticut Pet Sitter, LLC" on Google My Business (and, completely maddeningly now links to my new DogAugustine, LLC website UGH).

The DogAugustine URL is:

Even more frustrating is the fact that Google seems to have, on some levels, merged the two.  The DogAugustine page will only give me a short URL of

So Google knows that the businesses are the same, but they are also not merging the reviews.  

Current address should be St. Augustine in Florida.  Connecticut Pet Sitter should have been listed in Windsor, CT.  I don't know what Google is showing as now.

Current phone number is 904-209-4880.  The Connecticut Pet Sitter, LLC number was 860-205-7945.
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Re: Moved my business, how can I get reviews to follow?

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Such stuff should be discussed with the business support.They should be able to help you. The best way to contact business support:
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