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Moved business address: listing is correct, Directions are wrong

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I have posted this question in the Streetview forum but was adviced to place it here:


A business has moved to a new location.

On Maps, GMB etc the old address is corrected towards the new, current location.
The pin is also placed correct on Maps
However, when asking for the route, Google directs you towards the old location, away from the new/current.
What can i or business owner do to solve this? Changes are approximately 2 month old now.
In another post i have read i should escalate this to Google employees, but am unsure howto reach them
Business name: Scooter Select
Current/new address: Jacob van Campenplein 55, 3067 LA Rotterdam
Telephone number: 010 841 2603
Please assist,
Regards, Mart

Moved business address: listing is correct, Directions are wrong

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Hi Mart, 

There's an article another TC wrote about why this can happen here. That article was written before map maker was removed, but the basic idea of what's going on sounds the same. 

You'll need to get someone behind the curtain to fix this for you, you can contact Google My Business support through the following:

Talk to a specialist




You'll have the best luck with Twitter. 

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