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Merging two Google Maps Accounts

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We have a client with multiple Google local listings for whom we're investigating how to merge these multiple listings to one central listing.  


Worth pointing out is we're just about to launch a new website, and in the process, we're helping them redirect and/or close their old websites, and that they have two physical locations.  Currently they have 2 sites - one for each location.  However the services offered at each location, aren't unique, so we're planning on redirecting one location to the other.


In the process of all this, we need to know what Google recommends as best practice, regarding Maps/Local listings accounts.  Should we be looking at merging the listings into one central account, or keep two separate listings, even though we're only using one website.


What we're concerned about is one of the listings ranks well and has 70 odd reviews - we obviously don't want to lose these, and this listing ranks very well, so we don't want to jepardize these rankings.


Appreciate any insight Google can offer in this sort of scenario.


Will share URL and account listings details via PM, but can't share them publically.





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Re: Merging two Google Maps Accounts

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Hi @Jeff F, Google won't merge two locations into one if they are indeed unique physical locations. So putting effort into merging them if that is the case is pointless. 


You said they offer different services. In that case, they will have different categories and shouldn't compete with each other.


Are they in the same city? What is the industry?

Colan Nielsen, Google My Business Top Contributor
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Re: Merging two Google Maps Accounts

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Hi Colan,

Yes, they are unique physical locations, offering a series of similar services (dental practice), but some services are unique to the one location.

They are in separate cities.