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Merge multiple Google + pages into 1 Google + page

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Belman Homes

1407 E. Sunset Drive, Waukesha WI

We have three Google + pages; Belman Homes (, Belman Homes (, and Belman Homes Inc. ( 


I would like to merge all three pages into 1 so that all posts/reviews/etc. are saved into 1 page and nothing is lost. 




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Merge multiple Google + pages into 1 Google + page

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Hi @David B,


From what I can see you are in better shape than you think.


#1 is just a brand page and is not a Google Local (GMB) page. (The kind that ranks in search and maps.) AND that type of page can not even get reviews. Basically no one will find that one unless they search on G+ or you link to it from your site.


#2 is the only Google Local (GMB) page - That can have reviews.


#3 goes to a 404 error code so is gone unless you provided the wrong URL.


#1 and 2 cannot be merged because they are different types of listings.


So what you could do is to shift your posting to #2 so you have your posts, reviews and all info on that page that counts most.


You can make a post on the brand page #1, that in future all your posts will be made at the Google Local page. You only have 9 followers on page #1 so should not be a big deal.


Then eventually you could even delete #1, but again no one can leave reviews there and it's doubtful anyone will even see that page,