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Meant to show address or not?

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1. Full business name - Pest Control Cardiff
2. Current business address - 23 Mardy Street, Cardiff, CF116QU
3. Current telephone number - 02922 401272
4. Google+ URL -


I can't figure whats going on at all.

Newly acquired domain name purchased from a re-seller 

At end of December set up some web pages with good content  so as to take advantage of the £75 ad offer (still running offer now I see, thought it was meant to end on the 31/12/15, if they had known they had time a better site would have been up but they wanted to see if adwords would be worth pursuing).

Website pages didn't have an address on bottom so could see that as an issue, but that was resolved following day. Still no joy - set up a google+ page -

Google+ page has been rejected - we didn't include the address because customers are visited on site so its a service area - is that a possible reason?

There are no photos up yet as they are still waiting for a logo design, and putting up pictures of pests is not the right thing to do from an advertising/marketing perspective is that a possible reason?

google+ address is in Cardiff, they hired a pest technician living in blackwood (didn't work out -competency level and customer satisfaction was not very high) so ad area was based around Blackwood rather than Cardiff was this a likely reason?

 They can live without the google+ page if its going to be ridiculously difficult, but the website i just don't get. 

How are you meant to find out what the actual reason/s behind the problem/s are if google isn't prepared to just tell you - why is it made so difficult - not everyone has the luxury of having to do nothing other than sit behind a desk messing about with websites - some have other responsibilities that include employing people and making a living as well as having to mess about with website pages

I have been running round in circles looking at very basic but extensive requirements non of which we seem to be contravening 

Site is being constantly messed with as time allows. So no header with a telephone number at the moment soon to change. logo still to be decided upon etc - but limited work is being allocated to it until its google compliant so any real advice that we can simply carry out would be gratefully received.

Tried looking everywhere on this, don't want to resubmit to google until its sorted because we have heard they can just decide to suspend it for eternity  

Thanks for looking anyway

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Re: Meant to show address or not?

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Hi @SwarmcatcherSEO L

I'm a little confused, I think most of your question might be about Google adwords? This forum's exclusively for the Google My Business (Google+) related issues, and it looks like you lumped both together a bit. I know some of the people who hang out here know a fair bit more than I do about adwords related issues so you might get a good answer there too, but if not, the adwords forum is here


Unfortunately, I couldn't check out your Google+ page since the link you sent is something that's from your own logged in account. I couldn't find your page anywhere else either, but if you just made it and it hasn't been verified yet with a postcard and all that, then I wouldn't be able to find it anyway. 

So yes, you do need to include your address even if you only see customers at their location... but, you need to have your address set to 'hidden'. The article on that is here, but the gist of it, you need to check "I deliver goods and services to my customer at their location' and uncheck 'I also serve customers at my location'. If you do that your address won't show for anyone, but you do need to give an address so that you can verify the business with a postcard. Make sure you have those hidden address settings right too, that's kind of a hidden land mine that can also get your account in trouble... lot of loopholes I know. 


It shouldn't be a problem for the Google My Business side of things if you don't have pictures yet, though you'll want to upload some as soon as you have them. There's a rule in the guidelines about businesses that are under construction or not yet open to the public not being eligible for a GMB page, but I doubt that's hanging you up at all, since it sounds like you're open for business. 


Anyway, try setting up a Google My Business page again with the address marked like I showed you above. They'll send you a postcard and you should be able to work all that out. For the rest of what you were asking about with adwords and everything, try posting over there instead, or see if someone else here sees it that's more confident on those sets of rules. If you can, post the real link to your Google My Business (you called it the Google+ page) here, that'll help. 

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