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Managing Client Google Accounts: A Security Issue

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I'm wondering if this is an appropriate forum to get help with an ongoing issue I am having. I am a small business site and blog developer. As part of my service I provide:


- social account setups
- configuration
- initial training
- social marketing advice / help


There is a challenge doing this that I am having trouble getting satisfactory answers for. Namely:


I need full access to administer all of their branded Google products, profile information, and ongoing administration as long as I am on retainer.


However - I *do not* want access to any of their personal passwords, personal emails, or personal social media posts - at any time while I'm working for them.


This means I need to:


- set up all of the clients branded Google accounts
- while maintaining admin access for myself
- BUT also keeping myself out of their existing personal Gmail/Google accounts

Some more detail:


Many clients have existing Google accounts when I start working on a new site and branded web presence on a new domain. Usually that means they are already using a personal Gmail account.


So many of them have already have personal business emails, personal emails, and even existing work accounts pulling into their personal Gmail.


Now let's say I build a blog for this client. I need to set up the following for them:


- Get their Gmail pulling the new domains email accounts into the existing Inbox, so they don't have to switch profiles to handle all their email.
- Set up Google+ profile and information, and administer
- Set up Google My Business profile and information, and administer
- Set up YouTube profile and information, and administer


To set this up using their existing personal Google account - this means I will need their personal password, and will be able to see all their existing personal stuff.


I do *not* want this. I am a hired contractor. I don't want to see what's in their personal accounts: its none of my business. I also don't want to set myself up for problems if something happens and they decide to blame 'the only other person that had my password' (whether that is even rational on their part or not).


Q: "Why not simply use an email address from their new domain. Use it to open another Google account for their web project / blog? Accounts are free!"


That sounds great to a web professional or developer or digital marketer - we handle any (large) number of accounts for any (large) number of web sites and services.


With a new Google account for their new site - we would have full access to the new branded Google accounts with our own password. We could control the whole setup right from the beginning. And if we stop working for them at any point down the road, the client can simply change the password and/or give it to someone else to take over management.




My clients do not want two Google accounts. It confuses them: "Can't I just keep using my existing Gmail and get all of my mail in the same inbox?",is what they say. We can't necessarily expect them to handle remembering to switch Google accounts every time they want to work on their blog marketing.


Yes: we can set POP to draw on their new and accounts into their existing personal Gmail accounts.


However - in order to set up the POP accounts I need to do it myself. Because plenty of clients do not want to deal with into their Gmail settings - reading instructions that I send them - and mess with getting that to work. It's exactly the kind of thing they pay me to take care of.


And that means I will need their personal Gmail password. See the problem?


By the way - Facebook also has basically the same issue:


I don't want to make a separate Facebook account on a new email address just to set up the Facebook Page for their business / blog and have access to it so I can manage it for them. (Facebook doesn't like that anyway). So again, I need their personal password at least once as far as I can see - because they hire me to handle all of this and that includes setting myself up with an Admin Role and configuring, setting up the page.


Has anyone personally handled this and come up with simple and routine way of going about this? Any advice or pointers to courses / links that will help me get my head around this would be appreciated! Thanks.

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Managing Client Google Accounts: A Security Issue

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are you awre the feature of several owners for a GoogleMyBusines listing?

Are oyu aware the feature of managers for an existent listing?

Are oyu aware the feature of transferring admin rights and ownership for GoogleMyBusiness

Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile

Re: Managing Client Google Accounts: A Security Issue

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Hi Helmut,


No I'm not aware of any of those things.  Are you saying that setting up a new Google account for my clients - 

creating a GoogleMyBusiness listing and giving myself Admin rights - that this will allow me to set up my clients 

personal Gmail to pull in their site domain mail,  without me having their personal password?   Or are you saying

something else.


How will these features help me with my questions?  Thanks, appreciate it



Managing Client Google Accounts: A Security Issue

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yes you got what I was trying to tell you

Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile