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Make business location primary

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I have two locations showing up in Google My Business with the same address 9811 S IH-35, Bldg 5, Suite 100, Austin, TX 78744. One of the locations has all of our reviews, is connected to adwords and our google plus pages, but the other account which is empty is the location that shows up when a google search is made.


Is there anyway to merge these addresses or remove the location that does not have any data?


Our company name is Lumenbrite.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Roman Villarreal

(512) 294-2184

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Re: Make business location primary

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there is some mess visible in MapMaker for your business - can't solve it yet but like to publish it in case other will have ideas.


In MapMaker there are for your  one business two verified entries both named as  "Lumenbrite"

But one is pending.

see what I copied:

9811 South Interstate 35 Frontage Road #100, Austin, TX 78744, US…
Category: Computer Training School
9811 South Interstate 35 Frontage Road, Austin, TX 78744, USA
Category: Learning Center
Status: Pending (1 edits) 




Now the "B" is this: and clicking the link it doesn't open a "Lumenbrite" but a "Lumenbrite Professional Training Services" and its category is "Computer Training School"


The "C" obviously was named originally as  "Lumenbrite Professional Training Services" but was changed meanwhile to "Lumenbrite"

Its Maps ID is and its category is "learning center"


so the mess is a double mess.

You have for your ONE business TWO  different business page IDs  with different categories each and both at the same address and with same phone and website and same name 


I recommend to contact the buisness support regarding this "double mess"

The best way to contact them:


Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile
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Re: Make business location primary

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Good Afternoon Roman,


I did a little checking and found that your server is responding with 200 OK for all versions of your site but it appears Google is indexing the https://www version (I believe I only saw one http:///www page indexed). Ideally the server would respond with 200 OK for the preferred version and 301 moved permanently to the preferred version for all other variants.


If your business has multiple locations, Google recommends creating location pages, which you've done. The unique URL (URL for the dedicated page) should be added to the Google listing. 


The listing with the reviews, points to the http://www version of the homepage.


The listing without the reviews, points to the location page,


I suggest adding the unique location page URL to the listing with the reviews ( and then mark the other listing ( as a duplicate.


Btw, for the Austin, Texas location, I noticed that the onsite address differs slightly from the address added to the listing. Google extracts information about a business across the web, it's important to ensure that your business (NAP, name, address (same format too) and phone and categorization) is represented the same way across the official site, Google listing and any other third-party sites.


Also noticed that the onsite addresses for the Houston and Tempe locations are slightly different than the address added to the listing. For the San Antonio and Boston locations the onsite addresses are completely different than the addresses added to the listings. 


For all listings except the Tempe location, the name of the business is Lumenbrite. The business name for the Tempe location is Lumenbrite Professional Adobe Training Services. Depending on the location, the business category is different as well.


Please keep the following in mind, as per Google, "All locations must have the same name unless the business’s real world representation consistently varies from location to location. All locations must also have the same category if they provide the same service."


All listings except the listing with the reviews mentioned above point to the http://www version of the homepage, I recommend replacing those URLs with the unique URL (location page), which would allow Google to return the relevant page in search.


I also noticed that you've added structured data to the location pages but unfortunately the current markup is triggering quite a few errors and warnings (240 errors and 80 warnings). Although it's acceptable to use microdata, Google recommends using JSON-LD for Events markup (much easier to implement too because the structured data doesn't have to be interleaved with the HTML displayed content). For those pages, I recommend also marking up LocalBusiness and using the sameAs property to point to the Google listing. If you need any assistance in getting the markup to validate I would be happy to help.


I hope the information above is helpful.



Re: Make business location primary

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Thank you for your help I will contact Google and keep an eye on mapmaker.

Re: Make business location primary

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Thank you so much for your help. I will work through these items. I really appreciate your expertise.