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Look at my Insights please. Screenshot provided

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What does this graph actually say? I wasn't managing my plus page or my calls and I wonder what the visually similar cliffs suggest to an experienced contributor. Each cliff segment identically mirrors a previous one!?






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Re: Look at my Insights please. Screenshot provided

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Hi @nicole m


If you're asking about how to read the graph in general, and what the different categories of information means, you can read Google's description here:


Since you're probably looking at the graph for views, the important part of the doc is this:

  • Search views: Number of times people saw your business information on Google Maps, Search, and Maps for mobile, if there are multiple impressions.
  • Google+ page views: Number of times people saw your business's Google+ page.
  • Post views: Number of times people saw posts from your business’s Google+ page (does not include views of posts that appear alongside messages in Gmail).
  • Photo views: Number of impressions for your Google+ photos across Google. This may include Google+, Google Search, Google Image Search, Google Maps, and other properties.


As far as the peaks and valleys go, you'll notice that the only two graph lines that jump are your Google+ page views, and the 'total' line (which, when you think about it, is what you'd expect to see if only the Google+ page views were jumping). So... is it possible you did something that sent people to your Google+ page on those days? Maybe had it listed on a promotional communication you sent out or something? Since it's next to impossible to accidentally land on on the Google+ page anymore (there's no way to get to the page from organic search results anymore) that means if people landed there, you'd be the one who'd have sent them. 

Also for what it's worth, Google Insights is sometimes a little rough with their numbers, I've definitely seen huge short term spikes or flatlines show up in the graphs every once in a while that don't show in Google Analytics as an actual bump or decrease in traffic... so... I take what Insights says with a little bit of a grain of salt, for whatever that's worth. 

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Re: Look at my Insights please. Screenshot provided

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You identified the "how" of large numbers appearing as if "people landed there, you'd be the one who'd have sent them." Yet, I wasn't fiddling with my plus page even once for over a year. My retro-looking at my long forgotten page, the insights and the unused phone number attached lead me to question. Turns out, unsolved. Interesting you say it's hard to accidentally land on a google plus page. I'm confused slightly. Does search bring up the google plus page or just a knowledge page? I've noticed my manage page screen doesn't reflect the look of the goog/or block their visits so they can't be recorded in Analytics. Thanks James, Nicole Mahramus -- *"In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order." -C.G. Jung*