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Linking Google+ for business to my business gmail account

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Business Name: Gina Ciaccio Photography

Address: Residence

Phone: 915.240.2824

Google+ URL:


I'm having trouble understanding all of the different google+/google my business/google works/google branding etc etc. It's so unclear how many different profiles and pages I'm supposed to be filling out to get my business found. I also don't get why they are not automatically linked. 
1) From my business gmail account, I see just one link and it's to my "Google+ Profile." It directs me to a Google+ window that only displays my name and profile/cover pictures, the side menu, and 2 posts I made years ago. It is NOT my google+ business page.
2) From the drop down menu in the Google+ window, I am now able to see a link to a "Google+ Page" titled with my business name. It takes me to the exact same Google+ window I was already on and has nothing to do with my business. 
   2a) A NEW link to a Google+ page now appears in the drop down menu, titled "Default Name." Clicking on this also takes me to the exact same Google+ window I was already on. I don't know why it's even there or how to get rid of it.
3) When I check the drop down menu again, I can now click on a blue button that says "My Business." When I click on that it takes me to the dashboard for "Google My Business" and has various info such as my business contact info, insights and reviews. I can also select info/photos/reviews/insights from the top menu bar and see the details of my business.
4) When I click on the link within the "Google My Business" title (My Business), I am directed to a page with a menu bar listing locations, brand pages and adwords accounts. 
   4a) The locations page again shows the contact info for my business, status says published, and has a drop down menu next to it that contains a link that FINALLY actually takes me to the "Google+ Page" for my business!
   4b) The brand page shows NO INFO about my business. It says "Default Name" and has links to "manage page" and "view page" - both which link to what looks like a start up for a new google+ page. Why doesn't it link to the info that is in display on the location page??? Why doesn't it link to the photos and logo and everything else I've uploaded relating to my business???  What am I supposed to do with this? It feels like a never ending circle.
All I want is to have ONE google+ account (the one for my business) and be able to access that one right away from my gmail account. How do I merge this with my personal Google+ account that is already linked to my gmail account? How do I get rid of the "Default Name" account? Also, why is my business' Google+ page not linked to my business info when my business name is searched on google?
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Re: Linking Google+ for business to my business gmail account

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Hi Gina

Yes, it's incredibly confusing. What you're wanting is possible, there's just a bit of cleaning up to do.

Google+ profile (personal) -
Google My Business profile (verified) -
Google My Business profile (unverified) -

The "default name" sounds like a doubled up G+ profile page.
If I understood you correctly, you're logging in just once, and getting all these different pages/accounts?

You can delete the Google+ profile and possibly the "default name" profile, as I believe those are the same type of listing.
Google staff will need to clear up the unverified listing.

You can contact Google support here:

Firstly delete the G+ profiles, and contact GMB support to see if they can merge the unverified data with your existing live listing.  Then give your login a few days to sort itself out.


Post back and let me know if you still have trouble navigating to the one GMB page from your login.
BTW, you know the quick way to get there is via

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