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Lies about my co.tree service of Fort Worth...www.treeserviceoffortwó

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Please respond:


This is a non-answer. Google's review policies are completely flawed and predicated on wrong assumptions, which Google apparently (based on their actions) has neither the integrity nor responsibility to correct.


From Google's article cited above comes the following statement: "since there's no reliable way to discern who's right about a particular customer experience." This is incorrect. In many instances, a business can easily prove that a review has been left by someone who never patronized the business. If the reviewer never patronized the business, it is not possible for them to be 'right' about a customer experience. How can a reviewer be correct about an experience they never had?


Just because Google chooses to ignore the facts of a situation and elects to not look at things in a reasonable, fair and responsible way, does not make those facts less real, nor does it change the logical conclusions that one is forced to accept from the evidence at hand.


Google has thousands of complaints from business owners who have been left harmful reviews by people who were never customers of the business, and Google  refuses to do anything about it. This is nothing but negligent irresponsibility on Google's part.


Hiding behind Google's 'policies' which are obviously inherently flawed, and refusing to correct or amend those policies in the face of factual evidence of the harm Google is doing, demonstrates an absolutely callous disregard for others, and an abdication of the responsibility Google has assumed for itself as a primary custodian of information in an 'information age.'


Furthermore, the fact that there is no one available at Google to discuss these issues with, who is easily accessible by phone or email, and has the power to act in a responsible manner and protect others from the harm that Google is doing is nothing but further proof of Google's disregard for others and the careless, negligent manner in which it operates.


If Google is not as I have described, then someone in a position of authority to change Google's irresponsible and dangerous policies, would get back to me with an intent on understanding where Google is falling down, and make changes to Google's policies that would prevent, or at the very least limit, the damage they are doing. Simply having another talking head who can only repeat Google policy, without being able to engage in intelligent discussion about the rational, reasonableness, and greater consequences of that policy, does no one any good. Indeed, it only further reinforces the fact that the claims made about Google above are correct.


One is only left to conclude that Google has no concern for the accuracy or value of the reviews they accumulate and present to the public.