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Julia Marie Loglisci Photography

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Hello. My sister (Julia Loglisci) mistakenly created her "Google My Business" webpage using my email address ( as she did not realize that the entire time she was creating her Google Page she was currently logged in under my google account (as I previously forgot to log out using her computer). 


Now, I will receive her emails for her business through Google (which I do not want), and I am currently trying to figure out how to switch primary owners through google, as I need assistance. 


I need my email ( removed as the primary owner, and my sisters email ( made as the primary owner, as I would like my email address completely removed from her google site. 

Her number is 250 588 6102, and her business address is 1421 Richardson St, Victoria, BC V8S 1R1.

This is the google maps URL:


Can you please assist me?

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Re: Julia Marie Loglisci Photography

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Hi John,


You can follow these simple steps to transfer full ownership - 


Transfer primary ownership
Sign in to Google My Business
Make sure that you’re using card view. If you’re viewing your locations as a list instead of cards, switch to card view by clicking the cards icon  on the right side above your locations. 
Choose the listing that you’d like to manage and click Manage location. 
Click  Users from the menu.
Locate the user you’d like to transfer ownership to and click the box on the right-hand side of their name.
Select Primary Owner from the drop-down menu that appears. You'll only see this option if you're an owner of the listing.
Click Done. Primary ownership is transferred immediately. 

Re: Julia Marie Loglisci Photography

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Hi Simon. Thank you for your instructions.

However when you stated, "Locate the user you’d like to transfer ownership to and click the box on the right-hand side of their name." There is no box right beside her. You can see in the attachment (I took a screenshot of it) I'm not able to transfer anything. It reads that I have "invited" her, however you'll see in the other attachment, but she has not received my invitation (despite trying 4 times)

Can you assist me?

Many Thanks

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Julia Marie Loglisci Photography

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the email you are trying to send to should be a gmail activated address.  I always advise my clients to create a GMAIL address and this has worked flawlessly.  I would recommend this route.

Julia Marie Loglisci Photography

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@John R

Here my two cents to the matter.

I  agree with  @Simon S about  the  fact  inviting  a  gmail based  account  works  (almost) ever flawlessly.

BUt there is  a  simple reason for:

Any  gmail addressowns by default a  Googleaccount.


If we invite  any  non-gmail  address its  not  "by default"  sure this non-gmail  address is tid (or  owns)  an GoogleAccount.

What does it mean?


Before inviting  a  non-gmail  address the inviter must  be  sure the invitee  has  created  an GoogleAccount already  based on his  non-gmail  address.

The  way  to gt this  achieved is  quoted   below:

Image result for create google account non gmail address
So to recap, you setup a Google Account without a gmail address by:
  1. Open and click Sign in.
  2. Enter your name.
  3. Click “I prefer to use my current email address”
  4. Enter your current email address.
  5. Create and confirm a password.
  6. Select your gender.
  7. Add a mobile phone number.
  8. Enter you birthday.

Or  follow  this:

How To Setup a Google Account With Your Company Domain Name

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