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Infringement of EU regulations. Keywords and results not even consistent.

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1 Full business name: Graphiste vidéo

2 Current business address: that's none of Google's business. But I work on-site in Parisian companies, I'm a freelancer.

3 Phone number: +33 6 68 68 64 07

4 . That's a brand page, as very clearly specified in Google My Business guidelines for itinerant profiles of freelancers who work in a specific area, but whose address is not relevant since not being an office where customers are received, since I work on-site.

My issue: Google search is forcing Google My Business on people for the keywords "graphiste vidéo" and showing results which don't even use these keywords. Even though that's in no way a generic job definition, but one I invented in 2006. For that reason these terms are not being searched much (about 10 searches / day). Unlike "motion designer" the actual job definition, or "monteur graphiste vidéo", a very official administrative job description, but which actually means something else.
There is no legally justifiable reason whatsoever to place these results above everything else, the so-called "organic" search, especially since these keywords are not even included in the results which appear. It makes even less sense considering my very own Google My Business page, which actually uses these keywords, is nowhere to be seen, and that huge map / Google My Business addresses appears in a search where no location whatsoever was specified, and in the city of Blois, 200km away from Paris.
Therefore here we have a very clear infringement of article 102 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, since this is happening in a EU country, specifically fiddling with search results of a search engine which, in France, is very close to a monopoly, a 94% market share, therefore
"(b) limiting production, markets or technical development to the prejudice of consumers" by imposing the least relevant results first.
I want that map, and those addresses to be removed from that search. They are being illegally placed there and are not relevant to the keywords entered.


For some reason the image I had uploaded in my message is marked as "illegal HTML" even though it was generated by the rich text interface, so I'll include a link to the screen capture :

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Re: Infringement of EU regulations. Keywords and results not even consistent.

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two remarks please:


1#  if you like to start an legal matter please hire a Lawyer. This isn't the  right place.

2#  your above page is a brand page - at least is isn't and yet  tied to GMaps.


Its ridiculous to complain it not getting shown on search resulta.


An other matter would be to analize the reason fro this.

But I will not do this in a thread starting as a "legal complaint"




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Re: Infringement of EU regulations. Keywords and results not even consistent.

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#1 No when the EU regulations are being broken it is not the standard procedure to hire a lawyer in France. A business can sue another company but a freelancer is never going to do that, not enough money for that. And individuals cannot attack companies. Fortunately we have other options, such as informing the EC - that part has been done, I am going to inform the antitrust authorities of France too, and I can go through a consumer organization, which is the standard procedure.

#2 No it's not and it shouldn't, I have filled it up exactly the way it is asked to be filled up in the help centre itself for an itinerant profile, a freelancer working on-site and not receiving customers in an office. What is relevant for such a situation, as written in the guidelines themselves, is which area you target and not the place you live in, which is private information.

I am not complaining about not being shown in the search results, I am complaining about Google committing, as written in the title, a law infringement, an abuse of a dominant position, which is against EU regulations - EU antitrust laws, by artificially placing its own services and the addresses it contains right above my website and therefore hiding it from my audience. Artificially placing there content which doesn't even contain the keywords which were being searched for, nor contains websites with those keywords inside - And - but that's not the most important issue, not even showing the information about my own business, which contains these keywords, in directory results which shouldn't be there in the first place.

Well I think it's very appropriate to complain about a law infringement on Google's own forum.