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Incorrect edits applied by Google

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Hi - This morning one of my customers complained that the business hours on my business page was incorrect.

I searched and saw that they indeed were incorrect.

When I went to manage my page, at the top there was the following message

"We have updated your business information based on user reports and our data." with a link to "Learn more" which basically takes you to help on reviewing these edits.

Under the "Hours" section the word "Updated" appeared in italics.

I am a verified page owner.

I have contacted support but they simply told me that the page was under "owner review".  However, I want to know:

1) what caused the business hours to be updated (is it just someone clicking on "Suggest an Edit"?

2) why such updates are automatically live without my verifying them

3) why I didn't get a notification of the updates that were made (so I could login and verify or reject the edits)

I reached out to Google support but really the guy didnt understand what I was saying and kept telling me that the status was under "Owner review"!!! Yes I know that but I want to know why the owner was not contacted by Google and I found out from one of my customers about the incorrect hours.

Full business Name: Howletts Pharmacy

Address: 81 Howletts Lane, RUISLIP HA4 7YG

Tel No: 01895 674881

Google+ URL:


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Re: Incorrect edits applied by Google

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@Hitesh P



I'm afraid not knowing what the support guy meant being "owner review" - nver heard this term

But I can  confirm you:

not only owner can try changing informations but any average user can try too.


However such user edits used to be go into "GoogleModerartion" before getting published.

This happen also with your listing: in MapMaper as an user "Anonymous3843" tried changing Howletts Pharmacy from "Mon-Fri 07:00-19:00" to "Mon-Fri 09:00-18:00"


An other thing is this:


The listing in question shows the opening hours  apparently coorect already:

Screenshot 2016-06-19 at 14.25.02.png


 So I'm pretty confused:
Is there an issue with the listing as it gets shown up or isn't?
Can you shed some light on this question please?
Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile

Re: Incorrect edits applied by Google

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Thank you for responding. Actually, I corrected the listing to reflect the correct hours (which are now shown). Before my update, it seems somebody updated it the hours to 7am - 7pm. I have just come off the phone with Google support and they say they have taken on board my suggestion that the business owner should be notified of any updates to the page made by other users. I feel quite strongly about this, because there should be some kind of protection to business page owners as otherwise malicious updates simply go live without the knowledge of the business owner.
I am curious as to how you got the information about "MapMaper as an user "Anonymous3843" tried changing ..."? How can I see the update attempts to this page? I am a newbie as you may have guessed, so appreciate any hints and tips on this.
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June 2016

Re: Incorrect edits applied by Google

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Hi @Hitesh P

@Helmut Geissler used map maker to take a look at the history of changes made to your business. You can see the map maker listing for your business here (click on details, then history). Anyone trying to make changes through the 'suggest an edit' feature will have their changes show up here. Here's the thing though, changes don't go live automatically. They all have to be manually reviewed by one of the Google volunteers managing the maps for your area. 

It looks to me like Helmut misinterpreted a little bit what happened. There was an edit by Google shifting the hours to be incorrect, and then Anonymous3843 (your customer presumably) noticed they were incorrect, and tried to fix it through the 'suggest an edit' button. You can see their change is still pending (meaning no one on Google's end has looked at that change and decided it it was accurate or not). Then, the most recent change is another change by Google putting the hours back to being correct again. 

When it says that 'Google' made a change, that can mean two things. One, is that you personally made a change in the dashboard. The Google change that fixed the hours was you. The other thing it can mean when 'Google' makes a change, is if Google changes things automatically based on what it sees about you elsewhere. You might be interested in reading this article to get a sense of why and how that can happen. I'm afraid I don't know much about where businesses are listed in the UK, but if you find your hours switching back to being incorrect again, you'll need to have someone do a little research to try and find an important site or two that's listing the wrong hours for your business. 

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Re: Incorrect edits applied by Google

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Thank you so much for the very useful information. Yes - it does appear that Google updated the hours incorrectly (although support would not confirm this and didn't know the source of the update). The Anonymous update could well be one of our customers and lastly I corrected the hours which shows as a google update (presumably as I am the owner).

Incorrect edits applied by Google

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As my company moved to new location, I have changed my business address in the GMB. But it is showing as "We have updated your business information based on user reports and our data". Whatever i have changed it is accurate. So please help me how can i get published on the maps & search for my new address.


My company Name is Aditya Birla Fashion & Retail Limited

Old Location is -

Plot no.5B, Regent Gateway Doddanakundi Village KIADB 560 048, ITPL Main Road, Industrial Area, Hoodi, Bengaluru, Karnataka


New Location is - 

KH No 118/110/1 Building 2
Divyashree Technopolis
Yemalur Post, Off HAL Airport Road
Bengaluru- 560037


Please help with this.