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Incorrect Driving / Walking Directions to My business

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Hello, I'd like to change the driving directions to my business.

Two Lips Salon Suite

Suite 3

Lewiston, ME 04240



The driving directions bring my guests to the back of the building which is confusing. I have signage in front of building where I am located. The necessary changes would help tremendously and be greatly appreciated by ME!!! Thank you in advance!!


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Incorrect Driving / Walking Directions to My business

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You can drag the red pin in the GmB entry to a different place, zoom in first and you can click on sattelite view to see the building.

To show it can be done I have submitted an edit and moved it to where it looks like you have an entrance from the road your address is on.

If that is right you can additionally go to the Street View for the GmB and move the position and direction of view a bit. If you hover the cursor on the picture arrows on the ground will appear for the amount of movement you can use. If its not enough you would have to move the red pin a bit as appropriate again.

It seems that the streetview defaulted to the entrance of the building lot on the left.

As the default red pin was at the rear of your building.

The placement should be at the entrance boundary to the road of the lot or building.

Sometimes on larger lots the pin is near to a street with no entrance so it needs moving near enough to the lot entrance for driving directions, which may not show your building entrance when manipulating your Streetview.

Incorrect Driving / Walking Directions to My business

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Andrew H.

I can't thank you enough! I had tried in the past to move the red pin but just couldn't get it right. With the change in directions, there will be less stress for my guests and I. 

Again, Thank you for your prompt assistance Andrew!!



Angela B.