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Impersonation/Slanderous Review. Please Help!sw

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Hi we currently have issues on the google reviews with 1.competitors slander the business leaving negative comments are you able to check and rectify this 2. they are leaving personal names of staff which is is incorrect can this be removed?

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January 2016

Re: Impersonation/Slanderous Review. Please Help!sw

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@Sj A


I'm not sure why or whether mentioning names in a review should be violating their reviewing guidelines.


Why shouldn't I write I bought my new car from this company and would like to say thanks to Bill having answered all my questions about my new car and giving me such a great discount


or (in case of a negative review)

I was trying to  buy a new car from this company and had a very bad experience with one guy of the stuff called Bill 

He refused properly  answering all my concrete questions -  giving  very general remarks only


Of course in case I would wrote like 

I was trying to  buy a new car from this company and had a very bad experience with one guy of the stuff called Bill - He is an idiot and doesn't understand anythings from cars at all. What the [censored] of stupid employees does this company hire to serve their paying customers?

I should be aware violating their reveiwing guidelines then



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Re: Impersonation/Slanderous Review. Please Help!sw

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Hello David,

As you have said someone has impersonated your data you can report the person by submitting your details here.

I hope it will help you get the profile removed and once its done you can contact Google My Business Support to get the review removed.

Thank you

Re: Impersonation/Slanderous Review. Please Help!sw

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