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How to set opening hours for a quarterly event

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Hello, I am trying to set the hours for my business. My problem is that I run a market/event that is on 4 times a year only. Therefore I cannot set the hours as every weekend and then set special hours as this makes it look like we are open every weekend. Each weekend I get calls saying we are advertising as being open.
Does anyone have a way around this?


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2. Current business address - Exhibition Park in Canberra.
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How to set opening hours for a quarterly event

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Hi @Julie N

Here is what Google My Business Guidelines  says about seasonal hours (perhaps the closest to you case) 


If your business has seasonal hours, use the following guidelines:

  • During the season in which you’re open, set hours that reflect the current season's opening hours. You may set special hours for holidays, temporary closures, or other events.
  • When your business is out of season, remove all opening hours, so they appear as unset. Set your opening hours again at the beginning of your next open season.


You can also try using event schema markup for your event. 

Re: How to set opening hours for a quarterly event

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Thanks for that.

I could do that though only being open for two days each quarter I need to remember to go in and re set them. On those weeks it is so busy anyway from 4am - 8pm.
I was hoping there was something I could do.

I have added a graphic that states opening days, hopefully that will work.

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