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How to list a specific type of business

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I have a client who's corporation designs and sells packaging material for a highly specific industry. He has website and he has staffed offices in 2 US states and and in Canada. He personally goes to see clients in all US states plus Canada. My question is that since his service area includes every state in the US, how do I list his business in Google My Business? I was going to enter every state, but don't want to waste my time if I know it will be rejected. What is the proper procedure to list a business that has physical business locations, but because of the nature of the product (min. order usually $50K) he travels to visit clients at their place of business.


Thanks in advance for clarification.

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How to list a specific type of business

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You are expecting too much from Google.


Assuming that he visits and services clients in the two towns where his offices are located your best bet would be to just use the area of those towns as the radius. 


The goal is not to show in every city in the US (which the service area doesn't really do anyways) but to have a strong brand presence when someone searches on their name. 



How to list a specific type of business

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I thank you for your response Mike, however let's say the business owner produces packaging material for beverages. Beverage manufacturers and juice producers are all over the country. If someone for Kentucky calls him and is interested, he flies out to meet the client. In two weeks he may fly to three different states in which he has never conducted business before.


It seems this service only accommodates local businesses with local service areas only, and "local"  literally means "drive time" local. 


There are a multitude of companies that sell higher end products and services that always travel to see clients nationwide, and are not restricted to a radius that implies travel time by car.


As you say I am expecting too much from Google? Why would it be so difficult to have an option that covers the tens of thousands of such businesses nationwide listing them as "national" as opposed to "local"? The cookie cutter approach for business models leaves a substantial segment of the business community wanting.


Perhaps if the FAQ's clearly stated that Google My Business is only for businesses that service a Google stipulated maximum service area within XX miles proximity of a business location, then I would not have even posted here.


I would be very grateful to anyone who can shed some light on this or suggest a solution... Thanks. 

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How to list a specific type of business

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Google allows you to set whatever service area that you wish with a service area business. 


But the service area radius is largely ignored by Google in deciding if and when to show your business. 


While your suggestion for the feature is valid, it is Google's intent for the most part to use Maps to show local people what is open, who can be called or driven to in their market. 


While you can suggest or hope for a new feature, it seems to me unlikely to happen any time soon if ever. Thus you need to accept what is and if it applies then take what advantage you can. 


The reality:

1- Google will not show your listing outside of your physical area on keyword searches

2- Service area is largely ignored on those searches and they use metrics like proximity, relevance and density to decide which businesses to show 

3- They will show your listing on brand searches IF your relevance is high enough to generate a Knowledge Panel. And that is worth something.


Google has to make continual choices as to what and where to show things. Over the past 10 years they found that if they gave Service Area Businesses an inch that they would take a mile... or in your case if service area businesses could take 3000 miles they would. IE they spammed Google and Google largely restricted the benefit of the features. 


They also banned companies that did not have a local presence from using the product. If you do not service local customers you are not eligible for a listing at all. 


If a business desires a national presence on keyword search phrases they can optimize for organic search results OR use AdWords or both. 


But as it stands Google's Local products (Maps, 3 Pack, Knowledge Panel) are reserved for local businesses. 


Thus while the suggestion is possibly valuable you are confronted with making a decision within the current reality.