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How to link google+ with mybusiness

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1. Swarmcatcher
2. Laurel Cottage, Cardiff, CF56DU
Have read this can be done by 
  1. Log into your Google account
  2. Navigate to Google My Business 
  3. On the Locations Tab, Click Manage Location
  4. Locate the 3 horizontal bars in the upper left corner of your browser & click
  5. Scroll down and select Settings
  6. Scroll to the bottom and select Connect a Different Page
  7. Choose the page that you want to connect to and click next
  8. Review the information presented and if all is correct, click confirm.

Don't see option 3 in my interface, so so go straight to 4, but don't see the option in line 6


This is not the only place I have been looking for instructions.


See somewhere it mentioned that the google+ and mybusiness accounts had to be in same account - does this mean in same sign in "" if so then this is all good - I'm just not seeing the option to link.

Is there a requirement to have a certain number of followers before being able to link, or a specified time period of some sort?

Or am I wasting my time because their is no advantage to having the two connected?       (hope not as I have wasted more than half a Sunday on it)




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How to link google+ with mybusiness

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To create a google+ page for business you are advised to go to by lots of different places on the internet, but when you do you end up at At this point you can create another business that requires verifying  which is one of many reasons I have got into such a tangle. 

i already have a verified mybusinesspage but that is no good for writing up articles on - all I can do is upload photos with no text, and to what benefit?


I can't believe that such an important system can be created by a company with such a small amount of clear unambiguous advic.

We often here how government creates ludicrous amounts of red tape wasting time for small business but it seems to me that google has wasted more of my time in 12 months than the government has in last 6 years 

How to link google+ with mybusiness

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How did this page get so messed up and end up being turned into capitals, it was not written in CAPS?

How to link google+ with mybusiness

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"All your Brand accounts, including associated Google+ pages, YouTube channels and Google My Business listings, that have a single owner will be deleted."

So clearly they are related.


I just looked at another business GoEnviro - a drainage business - we have a account for this. I went to the  page and it says its published on . On there it says to join google+. Follow this

"Now, create your public Google+ profile
Changes you make here show up across all Google services like Gmail, Drive & others."
Here it insists on first and last name - The name you first signed up with on Google
What is going on - its meant to be a business page.
A few popups might explain everything - but its one BIG SECRET.
Its no wonder google+ has such a reduced following or have I just missed some big explanation that makes it so much clearer?
Frustration levels are ridiculous at this point

How to link google+ with mybusiness

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I'm afraid but I can't other as to increase your frustration.

The steps you listed in your starting post are since many month not anymore possible,

To say it frankly:


Google started month ago the big divorse of GoogleMyBusiness from G+ and nobody can connect anymore a G+ Page to GMaps what are the steps intended for quoted in the ridiculous ALLCAPS writing.


We also don't give here in dthe GoogleMyBusiness forum any help and advice about G+ .

G+ and GMB are divorced!

Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile

How to link google+ with mybusiness

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Appreciate your reply - I could cry now.

Not sure why it went up in all caps - certainly wasn't written that way.

So in GMB we can upload images but no explanation of the images - is that right?

I see that people can leave reviews without having to be G+ which is good news - probably. 

So once up with GMB there is not a lot more to do - is that right?