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How to get reviews?

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I'm slowly setting up our Google My Business page and I'd like to start sending customers to the page to write reviews.

However, while I see a tab for reviews, I don't see anywhere on the pages where a customer could write a review. Is there a "write a review" button somewhere? Do I need to do something to make one appear? What URL should I give to customers who want to write a review?




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Re: How to get reviews?

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There are some tools out there to help you create the Links for this ( but those parameters can change and have changed.)


The Official How to do it is also described here


For tracking and keeping things In order- I usually do this:  But either methods are acceptable.


What I suggest is to Search for your Business Name and Location on Google, Once you see your business on the Right hand side, there will be a Link section that says google reviews ( if you currently have any) or a spot to Write a review or review this business below the content, if there are currently no reviews.


Click on any of those links.


In Current reviews, a pop-up will show ( you have to be logged into a google associated account) and you will see at the top of that pop-up  "Write a Review".  Click in on it.  Now In your browser copy the URL that appears.  That is a direct link  for someone on Google to write your review.


Pro Tip:

( I suggest using a google shortner URL, so that the string doesn't look as intimidating and you can also track how many times it was used, as well as in the future edit the destination URL ( if things change) while still maintaining the Public URL you distribute to your customers.  to make a Google Shortner URL -