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How to clean mess of multiple my business pages and g+ pages

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Hey there,


I am looking for some help to clean what a former employee of one of my clients left behind.

What I want to achieve is:

  • 1 Brand page
  • 2 my business local pages for each of the locations in two differents cities
  • 1 G+ page

Is that all correct? I mean is what a local business that sells goods or services in two cities has to get?


Anyhow, at the minute what I got is:

  • 1 Brand page (in my account) + 1 Brand page (in associated with my local business page)
  • 2 my business pages (made by that former employee with 2 different emails and therefore two different accounts. I got the ownership of one of those pages, instead as we speak I am still waiting  to get control of the other)
  • 3 G+ pages as there is one in our account connected to the brand account then there are other two linked to the my business accounts

What can I do? what should I do?

To clarify every issues occur as the former employee left the place without sharing passwords and details and in addition, he used to open a new Google account for every new service. Indeed, there is an account for a single Yourtube channel that isn't any of the accounts used to open my business pages.
So far I can't find any way to put under the brand account the existing business pages and the g+ page we already manage.

My concern is that soon we are going to find other Google accounts used by him.
Please help.


How to clean mess of multiple my business pages and g+ pages

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Google disconnected G+ Brand pages and GmB local pages a little while ago.


Do you have Brand name products?


You would want the G+, Brand together I suppose. There is plenty of help it looks like on moving Youtube accounts.


Will you centrally manage the GmB pages? I see there is a new Post feature rolling out for GmB pages. Would local staff want to Post? I presume to replace lost G+ social feature.


If you have one website you need a separate page for each location with local phone no, address and qualified page name. When you use the qualified webpage name for its GmB entry in search it will suppress the location qualifier bit. Put appropriately geolocated pictures on each local web page.


Hope that helps.