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How do we allow for an imminent Company Name Change of client?

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We are in the process of rebranding a client, currently 'Company A' and this will lead on to us working on their online presence (update/replace existing website, and/or create new site for 'Company B' and social platforms & Google My Business- tbc). 


Company A will operate from the same physical address/phone etc when they officially become Company B. The timing of the transition depends on a number of factors and there is no specific launch date but it will 'evolve' over the next 6 months we imagine.

Their existing website is a very simple, static html site that's been up for around 3 years and the domain reflects the existing Company A name.


Our initial thought and plan was to develop a new website and launch at a new domain that reflects the new 'Company B'. We would keep Company A website up and running and use this to announce the imminent transition and link through to Company B website one the latter was launched. Then at a point down the line (when stats show the new site is generating more traffic than the old one) do permanent redirects from old site to new site.


Quite straightforward so far.


This client currently has no social profiles or presence with MyBusiness and we obviously want to make use of these moving forward to leverage the potaential they offer.


And this is where I need some advice… 


Do we recommend creating social profiles (Facebook Business Page, Twitter Profile, LinkedIn & Google MyBusiness/G+) for:

a) just the existing Company A,

b) both Company A & B or

c) just Company B?


If we go for option a), we are still going to inevitably have to do b) as well. But I think the client will be overwhelmed by having all social profiles for both companies running at the same time.


Additionally, It also raises the issue of how their presence on these platforms is migrated. With Facebook, we'd have to start a separate Business page as they can't be renamed (once you've customised them) and it's a similar issue with Twitter.


But what about MyBusiness? What facilities/tools are there available in MyBusiness and what's he recommended procedure for having a company name change? Do we update/edit the existing MyBusiness details for Company A at the relevant time, or create a new MyBusiness presence for the Company B at the relevant time and then close MyBusiness for Company A? or is there some redirect feature?


Appreciate anyone's advice, guidance or experience of managing a similar scenario on MyBusiness.

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Re: How do we allow for an imminent Company Name Change of client?

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Hi @Pylon D


When you say imminent, I guess fairly soon.


In this case I would wait until the rebrand then create the business page with the new name.


If for some reason they already have a business page, you would simply change the name in the same business page >> make sure that the website reflects the new name when you do this.


Most other social media profiles also allow for changing the profiles name.


But for ease and because it will be happening fairly shortly, I would wait and create all at once with the new name.




I also question why you would keep A running and have B live at the same time. 

B will not have any authority and you would need to build this up over time for it to be positioned anywhere, and you will be confusing users.


A should be 301 redirected ( including all internal pages to related new pages ) this way B has some authority transferred, clients get to the right place straight away.


Just have a little banner saying welcome to our new rebranded site or something to that affect.


I have handled hundreds of rebrands and re developments >> you want users on the new site as fast as possible and transferring any domain authority to the new site properly.


Remember to hint down all mentions / links from the old site and reach out to have those links corrected to the new site also.






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Re: How do we allow for an imminent Company Name Change of client?

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Many thanks for the concise answer. Good to hear it from the top.