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How do I say I told you so for the last 10 years?

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So was published this week after 5 writers spent 10 weekends putting this story together and basically they are in real time justifying my answers to My Best Client who owns a fleet of LEGAL party Busses who I explain every week who the cheaters are and why they should not rank ahead of him, and WHY Google is wrong,  and in reality Google should know who is legal and who is not; yet is tricked so easily as opposed to common sense or the rules and logic of Google. Cheaters and liars with no regard to the well being of others rule all the search terms in Google My Business and I would be glad to tune their algorithm to provide the best results for the most without recommending illegal choices first. Who wants to call me at 816.337.7298 and fix this Nation Wide. This is not rocket science. Kids ride on these busses, "

The Star confirmed 43 companies carrying paying passengers on area streets. Of those:

▪ At least nine appear to be operating completely underground. They don’t show up in a federal database or state records.

▪ At least six hide their business from authorities by using online booking agents to solicit customers. Those websites often show generic buses, making it nearly impossible for customers to tell what company they are hiring.

▪ At least 12 unauthorized for interstate travel told reporters they would take passengers from Kansas to Missouri, or the other way around, and as far as Topeka, Lawrence, Atchison, Weston or even St. Louis.