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How do I eliminate from "Google My Business"page

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A link on our "Google My Business" page called "" goes to an unauthorized locu page with an incorrect phone number.  To claim the page, it appears we would need to pay GoDaddy.  We are not interested in this.  I would like to just remove it.


Can anyone help me?

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Re: How do I eliminate from "Google My Business"pag

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You can
1)Call Godaddy and ask them to either remove or correct the page at no charge. Once they remove the content the sooner or later Google will not see it as authoritative

2)Google looks for an authoritative source for menu data. You need to have it on your website in machine readable form ideally rich snippet format so that they use yours.
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Re: How do I eliminate from "Google My Business"pag

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Hey Luxe,

There is some advice on how to handle this on this thread:

1) If you have a Locu page with really bad info like that above, I have to think that if you were assertive or talked to the right person you could get Locu to edit it without a fee.

2) If you have a restaurant and your problem is that you want your own menu link instead of the Locu link, then the following discussion with Local Search Pros at our G+ Community will be of interest.

If you work with restaurants, this question is for you!

David Kutcher said: "Google goes to third party sources when it can't easily define your own. So all of the two dozen restaurants that I help with have their menus going to their own link, and using their open table link for reservations. Which can be defined in the schema."
So in a nutshell based on what I've gathered in my research, if Google can easily find a properly marked up menu on your site she is more likely to use your menu. If not, she'll use one of the menu sites Google partners with, one of which is Locu.

3) However if you are not a restaurant and have a menu link that does not even make sense, you can't exactly create a fake menu in schema to replace the Locu menu. And from what I've read these are algo generated and Google support reportedly says they can't delete them.

We've escalated a few of these. Some have been removed and some have not.
Will keep you posted if I hear anything from Google on this issue.

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Re: How do I eliminate from "Google My Business"pag

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I have found that GoDaddy can be called and asked to remove the bad information and in my case they removed all information.


PS Your reference link appears to be missing