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How do I educate myself for a future online business site?

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I do NOT have s business but have a great domain name for aggregating links to businesses so they can advertise.  I thought that one day I might commercialize the site.


But I have never been in business except at one time I had a small and simple consulting business in which my main overhead was printing out an invoice once a month.


So I find the prospect of running afoul of Google intimidating since I don't know the first thing about how I should go about it, and I doubt my ability to negotiate the ends and outs of putting together my site without blowing myself up in a Google mine field.


So where can I find the resources to educate myself on what I need to know over the next year or two?



Re: How do I educate myself for a future online business site?

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Am I understanding you right, that you're thinking about putting together something like Yelp? I mean, obviously much lower tier, but something like that... maybe for your city, or for a given industry, a place that has local business information for consumers to browse, and using that consumer attention as a lure for business owners to pay you to give them more prominent position. 


If so, there's a thread from the local search forum a few months ago that you might find interesting to browse through. 


You're asking some pretty big, vague questions though. What do you mean, running afoul of Google? There's a ton of potential SEO penalties that you can rack up if you're using black hat methods, and obviously you need to know to avoid those. There's also a ton of ins and outs when it comes to proper website architecture, security, and marketing... especially if you're making something larger and are hoping to populate the site with a scraper or something instead of making everything by hand. If you don't really know web dev and SEO, just owning a 'good domain name' doesn't make this a good business angle to explore. 


If you're serious about learning how to build a business like this, it's the same as any other entrepreneurial venture... if you're savvy and driven enough, you can find your own places to learn and things to pay attention to, but by far the best way to run is to find a mentor to learn under. 

Also as a head's up, this is the forum for small business owners using Google My Business, so this is kind of off topic.

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