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How do I create a new category that actually fits my business?

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Hello business community (and hopefully someone at Google),

My business is towing and assisting boats on the water.  The only business category I can find is "Towing service"  which is aimed at roadside assistance for autos and trucks.

What I need is a category "Boat Towing" or "On water boat towing" or even "Marine Towing and assistance" to differentiate us from the AAA towing businesses.


I am constantly getting calls from people, usually in the middle of the night, sometimes drunk, who want their car towed.  They search for "Towing", find my number and hit dial without actually looking at the business name which is "Columbia River Marine Assistance" which might give a clue if they would actually read it.


I have contacted and I am getting someone who keeps sending me a form letter back that says, among other worthless advice

"I understand that you are looking for the right business category. However, you are unable to find it from the options available on our drop down list as we no longer allow custom categories in order to bucket similar businesses to provide the best user experience, we suggest you to choose a category, or categories, that suits your business the closest from among the categories available within the dashboard. We’re working on improving the way categories work, and by sticking with the categories we have defined, we believe we can better connect customers and businesses."


The last sentence really grates me. In no way having my business in an imprecise category is "better connecting customers and business"  Its wasting my time and whoever is looking to get their car towed.


Is there any way to get a hold of someone at Google that can actually create a new category?

Thanks in advance,



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Re: How do I create a new category that actually fits my business?

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Hi @Ron M


Unfortunately Google cannot cover all categories and they state you should pick the nearest possible category, which you have done.


Although it is in you name, make sure you add Marine towing within your businesses description, if you have not already done so.


I will add Marine Towing to the category suggestion that we have access to, but it all depends on Google and whether there are enough searches to warrant it.

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Re: How do I create a new category that actually fits my business?

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Thanks for the reply Tim, we do get excellent google referrals when a user searches on "Boat towing" or "Columbia River boat towing", in fact we come up the top 4 organic searches.  I have made some efforts to make sure our webpage is very relevant to what we do.  The problem is all the false positives and calls from users searching on the word "Towing" which is the only category to choose from.  I received another one last night.

In a perfect world, there would be a category for both small boat towing and large commercial towing like tugboats towing barges and the like.  If I could actually get to someone in charge of this category thing I could explain the differences.

Re: How do I create a new category that actually fits my business?

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LIke the previous poster, there is no category that adequately, or even remotely, correlates to my work. I am a career and entrepreneur coach. The closest I can find is Business Management, which in no way describes my work. Can we please add a category for Coaching? Thanks!

Re: How do I create a new category that actually fits my business?

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