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How do I change a location to separate business?

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I have become a manager for several Google Business pages.   Each time I become a manger the new business is listed in my dashboard as a location under my name.   I can not find a way to disassociate them as locations and treat them as the separate and sometimes competing businesses they are.   Thank you. 

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Re: How do I change a location to separate business?

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Hi @Bob M


The dashboard lists all the locations within an account ( as you know ) however this does not impact in any way shape or form on the business, its merely a dashboard to view all accounts managed.


Remember they are completely separate in the Owners account.

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How do I change a location to separate business?

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I don't think this is correct. When looking at "Business accounts that you own or manage" I have 2 - as well as the ability to "create a business account". Under each of those business accounts is 1 or more locations. Somehow I (like the OP) have ended up with 4 "locations" under one of these business accounts. These 4 locations are 4 separate business entities I manage for clients. 


When I try to link a location in Adwords to a location in this Google My Business account, it says "successfully linked 2 locations" - even though I only want to link the one business to this Adwords account. I then need to play around with filters to make it only show the "location" that is a standalone business the ads are for.


Due to the confusing nature of the way Google My Business is structured, I,  like many others, now have multiple "locations" which should in face be standalone "business accounts" each with a single location. Is there a way to take these locations and make them into a standalone business account?