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How can I have My Business linked to my current Brand Account?

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For God sake why not have a option to merge all accounts with all products?
First when I created a gmail, long time ago I did created a Google+ and Youtube Channel to it. Then google came up with this Brand Account who detached from it and made all confused. 
OK..So I did setup beautifully a Google+ and a Youtube Channel to a NEW FEATURED "Brand Account" to make all organized.
Now I'm trying to add My Business Location to it but doesn't appear in my products ICON. 
So when I create from my default account which creates a NEW Brand Account with a MY BUSINESS location, with a NEW Google+ and NEW Youtube channel linked to it. Sorry I can't setup all over again.
Apparently new google products come with all the features up-to-date but the old accounts NOT. By means my old Brand Account which I already had setup the google+ and youtube cannot allow me to have MY BUSINESS feature but the new Brand Account which was created when I created my business does come with Google+ Youtube etc. 
I just want all the content attached to one single account that's all.
Any Help Please

How can I have My Business linked to my current Brand Account?

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Google detached Google+ and Brand Pages from Google my Business some time ago.


Only businesses with Store Fronts open for the stated hours or Service Area contractors go to the clients location can have a GmB entry.


You will only qualify for one of the two options.

How can I have My Business linked to my current Brand Account?

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But apparently Google My Business didn't detach from Google+, Brand Pages and Youtube. It goes only way only apparently.

However Google Brand Account claims differently.


"Google services that support Brand Accounts

You can use certain Google services with your Brand Account. These services include:

  • Google+
  • Google My Business
  • Google Photos
  • YouTube

These services can help your business or brand communicate, connect, and share important information with customers and fans.

To manage who can see and interact with your content, adjust each service's settings."


Just doesn't make any sense.