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How can I get rid of the "Products and Services" link?

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Hello all,  I want to get rid of the category "Products and Services" that appears on our information on the right side of the SERP for
our business.  All of the other info is ok.  I did take care of the link, but now if you click on this, you get a 404, which isn't good either.  It would just be better if that whole line wasn't there.



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Re: How can I get rid of the "Products and Services" link?

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if it is a inappropriate link I recommend contacting business support:


The best way to contact business support:

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Re: How can I get rid of the "Products and Services" link?

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Were you able to get rid of it completely? I am looking for directions on how to do so.

Re: How can I get rid of the "Products and Services" link?

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