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How can I allow multiple users from different IP addresses to access Google accounts?

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I work at an agency that manages Google My Business listings for our client base (~1000 clients). We have about 20 different Google accounts that each manage multiple GMB listings. Employees need to access these Google accounts from offices in Chicago, Washington DC, Santa Clara, and India. They constantly get blocked, or asked to enter additional details (recovery email, phone number) to verify, yet often times this information is either unknown or unavailable. Does anyone know of a work-around, or a way to disable these security measures for our accounts?

Re: How can I allow multiple users from different IP addresses to access Google accounts?

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Hi @Aaron H

I've ran into that too, the only way I know of to 'get around it' is to just make sure you know who's supposed to be accessing what. Once they get into a particular account once (and possible get OK'd by the account owner on their end) then you shouldn't have any problems with it in the future. 

A bigger issue though, is having a bunch of clients all owned under one account... am I understanding you right, that that's how you've got it set up? Just as a warning, I've seen accounts with dozens of different clients accounts all owned in that one place get suspended because a single client tripped a spam filter. Google doesn't just ding the profile that trips the filter, they will often penalize the whole account. Keeping that many clients all on one account is a good way to lose dozens of clients when sh** hits the fan. It's much better to set up each client on their own account, and then have your account managers get access to those accounts as a manager. It's fine to have a number of managed clients on one account, just not owned. 

As for the answer to your real question, not sure if there's a better workaround, maybe one of the TCs with bulk experience will have something more helpful for you. Why don't you have a system in place with secure access to account recovery info for those that need it though? 

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