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How Do I Handle the Google My Business Pages for Medical Practices and Doctors?

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Can I enter individual Google + pages for doctors working at a medical practice under the same account that I use for the medical practice itself?  I know that the doctors can't have the practice name listed next to their name, but I didn't know if I had to create totally new Google accounts for each doctor that I enter.  Also, if they can all be entered under the same account, will they all have the same exposure? (ex: map pins, Google + page, etc.)  From what I've read I'm pretty sure only the practice can have a Google My Business dashboard, but will the physicians have map pins and Google + pages at least? 


Example would be: (account) 


a) Google Medical Practice (Google My Business page, location entries, map pins, Google +page) 

1a) Dr. Google 1 MD (Location entry, map pins, Google + page) 

2a) Dr. Google 2 MD (Location entry, map pins, Google + page) 

3a) Dr. Google 3 MD (Location entry, map pins, Google + page) 


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Re: How Do I Handle the Google My Business Pages for Medical Practices and Doctors?

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You can have them all in the same dashboard if you like, or you could make a separate account for each, it doesn't really matter. Even if you wanted to give individual doctor's admin access to only their page, you could make them a manager easily enough. The only mild concern with having them all on one account, I've seen all the pages owned by the same account get shut down for spam after one of the profiles got in trouble. Given your situation though, I don't think that should be a concern, so feel free to put them all in the same place. 

As far as exposure goes, for all intents and purposes they will be the same as a business listing. If you type in the Dr's name, the big knowledge panel area should show up to the right, same as for any business. The only downside, if you 100% always want the clinic itself to show up top, one popular enough doctor could beat them out potentially. The short answer though, they'll all have the potential to be in the same places, but which ones actually get shown can be a little hard to control. There's also other more nuanced issues that can pop up in this specific situation (especially if a doctor leaves) but if you really want to dig into the nitty gritty, you'll probably want to talk with someone that's got some experience in the local SEO medical field. 

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Re: How Do I Handle the Google My Business Pages for Medical Practices and Doctors?

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Thanks very much for your help, I very much appreciate it!