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How (Can) You Claim a Business Listing when Your Business Has No Fixed Address?

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We work with several doctors in the medical field that do not fit neatly into the traditional GMB categories. Here are some examples:

  • They sublet space from established practitioners (fairly common in major cities)
  • They practice ‘Telemedicine’ state wide (and have no fixed address)
  • They are locum tenans (itinerant medical specialists that roam between several practices)

Specifically, what type of GMB page should they claim? Brand Page? Any advice on how they can claim and manage their GMB presence?

Some issues peculiar to these businesses:

1) Mailing address is typically a home residence. no foot traffic is expected or welcomed

2) For doctors that sublet space, their name is rarely on the front door. The phone number for the front desk typically is for a different doctor, and may change frequently, as the doctor moves from sublet to sublet until they establish their own practice.

3) Telemedicine providers are typically licensed for a STATE, and have an interest in being visible for any type of search within any city / town within the State.

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Re: How (Can) You Claim a Business Listing when Your Business Has No Fixed Address?

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They have to be public-facing, not employees. For example, pharmacists don't get their own listing because no one addresses them by name but rather would refer to the pharmacy. That's not the case with doctors or lawyers who have their own specific patients who would search them by name.

I don't believe any of the examples would qualify for Maps so I would create a Brand Page. I find Brand Pages to be pretty useless, however, unless the business has a strong following on G+ and lots of their patients or customers are on G+.

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Re: How (Can) You Claim a Business Listing when Your Business Has No Fixed Address?

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Agree about Brand Pages. One point of clarification: these providers ARE public facing...they treat and solicit their own patients and can get reviews for their individual performance. In the case of subletting, the problem is quite serious: it is often a young doctor trying to establish him/herself and build a clientele yet can't afford rent.

Locum tenans providers are a bit of a hybrid: they are specialists (subcontractors) that are called into existing offices on a temporary or contingent basis. But they have an interest in collecting reviews to burnish their own professional reputation, which can help them build more clients (more business from doctors).