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Help with disassociating name with previous business

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In my business, we have a new person coming on board.


He just retired from his dental practice, and sold it to his partner. It would be impossible to remove all traces of him to the former business where he owned it for 21 years. However, when you search his name the first result is his old business website, and google places(local/maps/mybusiness) still pops up the big panel for his old business as if it's definitely his current business.


We want to add him to our website and utilize him in our marketing, but we can't have people search his name and have google insist that the old business is his business currently. If there are results on the page linking him, fair enough. But the biggest issue is the big panel from google local/places.


The old business has removed him from their website and all traces from any google+ or my business page. It's been gone for over 60 days, and it's still showing up with the google places panel.


His name is Ingo Mahn, and his old business is Integrative Dental Solutions, which is the result we don't want.


Is there any way to disassociate it, so at least the big panel doesn't come up when searching his name? We don't even need the search results gone or wiped or no connection, just that it doesn't look like that's still his business based on the google places panel that pops up on the right of the search results.

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Re: Help with disassociating name with previous business

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let me please ask: what have you done already to "associate" Ingo Mahn with your business and about what business is Ingo Mahn now working for?
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Re: Help with disassociating name with previous business

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Hi Christopher,


I know how frustrating these issues can be, I did find a few issues that should be addressed. 


I'm noticing that there are still NAP issues... Main issues are with a couple of the Major Data providers (Factual and ExpressUpdate) they both have practitioner listings for Dr. Mahn for the other location. I would make sure that all NAP issues are cleaned up as best as possible. 


Next His NPI Number still has the information for his old location as well - I find this being a big issues with some of my clients, they move and don't update this information. NPPES is a gov. site for Dentists, Doctors etc. that feeds this information to other sites. Dr. Mahn would be the only person that could contact NPPES to update this information. I searched using this link, using his last name, Country and state. The information to Contact NPPES is found Here


Lastly, there is a duplicate listing for the other practice that has a review that mentions dr. Mahn's name, this could also be a slight issue. Here is the listing with the review stating his name. 


I hope this information helps,