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Google has suspended your page due to quality issues

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I really hope that someone here would be able to help me with this weird situation.

It seems like my google + is being suspended and then reinstated, suspended and reinstated again...

I really don't know what to do anymore... Maybe I should change my company name? maybe I should rent a front store (brick & mortar)? 


When originally set up my listing I marked that we are a service area based locksmith company. I provide all the information about my company including Texas DPS state license, physical location of business/office (which is my residency), company ownership proof but still - no success;(


Here're some info about my company:


AJ Locksmith & Security 

12660 Hillcrest Rd. Dallas, TX 75230

(214) 935-3614

We are licensed B#19553 & insured by the Texas Department Of Public Saftey 
We are members of the "BBB of North Dallas" - Better Business Bureau.  
We Are on - which is a website for a professional service provider that perform a background check on companies, insurance validation etc.
We are "Angie's List" verified locksmith business and members
AJ Locksmith is a verified business on yelp for few years in a row with authentic pictures on our profile
We are honored to be members of the Texas Locksmith Association TLA#3209
Please, let me know what else can I prove or what else can be done to prove to google my company is legit....
Your advice is greatly appreciated... Thank you !



Google has suspended your page due to quality issues

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Hi Yossi! Google hates locksmiths unfortunately lol. They don't, but it can feel that way! Make sure you have a copy of the business license, and have a Google rep contact you. You want to have them email you to ask you for the business license, feel free to ask them to do that directly and they should guide you from there.


Google has suspended your page due to quality issues

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Hi Ashley, First let me thank you for your response and offer to assist in that matter.

I agree that it seems often that google has a special "love" for locksmith businesses?

;-)  Anyways, I was trying to use the link you had posted but it is telling me "Chat support is currently not available".


Any other suggestions? 



I already send them through email communications several times my locksmith license certificate with my leasing home address (I run my business from my home office) and still I'm getting difficulties for some reason...Do you think I should open a brick & mortar store? Maybe it will resolve the issue they having with me running my locksmith business from my home office?


Thanks so much... Yossi.

Google has suspended your page due to quality issues

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Sometimes chat support will be temporarily unavailable during certain hours unfortunately! And the sad part is, a brick and mortar store may not even solve the problem. My advice would be to be VERY direct and keep trying. I've had clients that the process has to be done over and over again to get it verified :/

Google has suspended your page due to quality issues

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Hi Ashley,


i was was trying in different hrs during the day to contact chat support via link provided by you and still not available no matters what time or day I'm trying to contact. 


I will try to resubmit over again the ordinary request to reinstate a business page on Google. Hopefully with locksmiths it'll resolve the issue. 


Thank you!