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Google has suspended your page due to quality issues

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Hi Everyone,

As is about to become clear, I am new to the forum and a google beginner at best, so please be gentle and phrase any answers so that they can be understood by an idiot.


I'm being told to include the following so here it is:

1. Full business name - Falcon Environmental Ltd T/A Expel Pest
2. Current business address - 123 Coppice Rd, Nottingham, NG5 7GS, England
3. Current telephone number - 0800 999 04998
4. Google Maps URL -,-1.1309109,13.67z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x4879c...
5. Website (if applicable) -


My page keeps being suspended due to 'quality issues' but that means nothing to me. I've re-verified a couple of times but that doesn't seem to help, I've 'requested to be re-instated' explaining what is written below and I've also requested and received a call back via the help button at the bottom of the page, whilst I'm sure she was doing her very best I got the impression this was a minimum wage call centre worker reading from a script with no authority to actually do anything. She promised to email some questions which I would have to respond to and she would then pass it on to the relevant department. Nothing has arrived so far (1 hour later).


There are a couple of things which I suspect may be causing the issue:

1. The registered company name is Falcon Environmental Ltd but it trades as Expel Pest because that is a better illustration of the services I provide. Does having a page called Expel Pest for a company called Falcon Environmental Ltd cause quality issues? All my invoices, job reports, and each page of my website explain that Expel Pest is simply a trading name so there is no question of anything untoward going on, but any documents which google may request will almost certainly show a different name to the one in question. (This was quite a big hurdle for Facebook to jump, but we got there eventually)


2. There is another company called NBC Bird and Pest registered at my address. I worked for them several years ago but there nearest physical location is about 120 miles away. Despite complaints to them and to google I can't get them removed from google maps at my location, are they causing a conflict? As an extra question, are they stealing my google position when searches are made?


Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated but as stated at the beginning I'm a novice at this so please keep it as simple as possible.




Re: Google has suspended your page due to quality issues

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The following just arrived



We can’t reinstate your Google+ page at this time.

Your Google+ page continues to be in violation of the Google My Business Quality Guidelines. Your account contains one or more duplicate Google+ pages for the same business at the same location. Please remove all but one of these Google+ pages. Learn how to remove duplicate Google+ pages here

Please change your account to comply with our policies and choose one page to represent your business, then submit this page for review. We’ll review your page and if it complies with our policies, we’ll lift the suspension.

If you have any further questions, please consult the Google My Business Help Center.


Google My Business Support 



But when I go to 'Google my business' and use the top left menu to select 'locations' it shows me 1 location with 1 business. Now what do I do?