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Google+ from brand page

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The issue I'm posting about is on desktop only. I'm using one of my websites here as an example but any site with a G+ share should work. I have a G+ business account/profile (that I'm using here in this forum). I also have a personal account and inside that, a brand account ( G+ ). If I'm logged in to G+ with my business account, and I share this page using the Google share button as shown here:


then the dialog opens as expected with my business account as the person sharing:



If I login on my personal account however, and then switch to the brand account profile, I do not get the option to share from that account:



On mobile, it works. As soon as you click to share and the dialog opens, I'm prompted to select one of the three sharing entities, including the brand account. I'll post this in the Google+ Help community as well but as this is business/brand account related I thought I'd try here first.


Thank you,