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Hi there,

I noticed there was a Google Page for our small business, and people are interacting with it, and so straight away I tried to claim it as 'my business'. It was a bit of muddle, as it wouldn't accept my address at first or my email. Eventually it seemed - in a reluctant computer way! - to take the address, and so I could continue to the 'Verify Me' stage. It asked to send a postcard with the verification number to my address (email would have been far easier, but it was refused to accept it). I've been waiting for five weeks and no postcard. I'm at a loss as to what to do, and Google keeps sending messages urging me to verify before it's too late etc.

I should add, my business is the farm where I live, so the addresses are one and the same. I've left links to prove my business, address, phone, and email etc. Take a look, you might see a cute alpaca or naughty baby goat!!

Any ideas to get verified would be appreciated, so I can update and keep the google page fresh and accurate.

Thank you,

Skate Rumple Orkney Alpacas


KW17 2QL.

(01856) 741457

Link to Facebook page

The (unclaimed) google page: