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Google+ URL

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I have this problem, I made a new Brand page on Google+ but I can't have the URL ended in /Codibrie , is asking me to add more characters and I don't want that.
How I can fix that?

 It says: Other people may have the same name. Please add a few extra letters or numbers to this URL to get one that is unique for you.

The Only other Codibrie name is the gmail, and is the same as the owner of the Google Plus brand Page.

Google+ URL

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Hey @Sorin C


I have some solutions.


Solution 1:

Source :


I thought a lot about a solution, and here is how I fooled the search giant and registered
The process of fooling the search giant (with all respect) is actually simple:
1) Click on your name, so that you'd be able to edit it, and remove the last three characters of your last name.

2) Refresh and go to the page where you claim your username, you will get this box, add the three characters back left.


Abracadabra! My username is available again, thanks to the search giant, here is my VANITY URL now,


Don't forget to edit your name back to your real name!



Solution 2: