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Google Search result page & bz info page dirctly dirty site

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Hello, I have hotel name "TownHouse Extended Stay Hotel Downtown" that is in Lincoln, NE 1744 M St, Lincoln, NE 68508.
When I type <edited by a Community Manager as noted below> it open correct page on any browsers but if I go to and search "Hotels in Lincoln, NE" or " Hotel in Downtown Lincoln, NE" or "TownHouse Extended Stay Hotel Lincoln" it bring search result and when I click link from search results OR on horizontal bar it show info about my hotel and buttons "Website" "Direction" when I click on website it go to some dirty sites.

I called and I have support contract with them as well. The Tech guy go throw all info and said it something on / search pages and your hotel site is diverted to dirty site. You need to contact Google about it as everything looks perfect at your domain management, file manager page.

Please help asap. This is hurting my hotel business a lot.

Thank you
TownHouse Extended Stay

402 475 3000 x 0

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Re: Google Search result page & bz info page dirctly dirty site

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Looks to me like you've been hacked. Strange, you're the second post I've seen this week with this particular kind of hack. And yeah, Godaddy might be an okay place for cheap hosting (sexist advertising and dead elephants aside) but their tech guy definitely missed the boat on this one. 

It's a pretty insidious hack, basically your website checks to see where someone's coming before serving up the page. It's set up that way to confuse the business owner, so they think it might be Google's fault that things are broken, but when you think about it... how would that even be the case? After all, Google's just serving up a particular page. That page either pops up or it doesn't. If a user clicks on the page and ends up somewhere else entirely though, that's the website's fault. You'll want to take care of that right away, I haven't seen enough cases to know if this kind of malware can get your site dinged by Google, but I wouldn't be a bit surprised if it could. You'll want to get that fixed ASAP to protect your rankings, as well as to protect your customers. 

If you don't have someone skilled at security and cleaning up a hacked website, you may want to go look for one. Either way, it's not a problem on Google's end. 

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Re: Google Search result page & bz info page dirctly dirty site

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Just wanted to quickly input here while I was browsing the forums. Call your domain host (perhaps GoDaddy) and inform them you believe your domain has been compromised (specify the entire domain name in the event you have multiples) and that you want to make sure no one has called on your behalf to have the domain forward somewhere else. If so, this is where they would disable the forward. If there is no forward, you have routes to go:

If GoDaddy is your host: Inform them your server (for simplicity's sake just call it a server) has been accessed by an unknown person and altered your website to redirect to another site, and how they can help. Perhaps they can roll the server back to a prior save state or offer to temporarily shut down your server while you resolve the issue.
If GoDaddy is not your host: Contact your host and explain the same thing as you would to GoDaddy, that your server was compromised and your files have been altered to redirect to another site.

If, indeed, your files were altered, you need to remedy the situation yourself most likely. Your server "space" was likely accessed either through brute forcing or weak passwords, giving them the ability to alter files to redirect your site. Additionally, certain content management systems, or prebuilt sites, have vulnerabilities that will be exploited to alter your site's code without accessing your server "space". It is a necessity to make sure your website is constantly backed up and kept up to date with the latest CMS software version.