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Pentland painting and decorating

101 rose street south lane Edinburgh



Hi there,


I received a 5 star review on the 5th of july from a customer and it's now been removed?  can someone tell me why it's no longer visible?

it was a positive review and I would like it to be displayed on my reviews tab.


Congratulations! You got a 5-star review
"Had a few jobs to do including external windows - great work all round from start to finish, arrived..."
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Google Reviews

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What if someone writes a dishonest post about you and was never even a customer?

Google Reviews

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That wouldn't be very nice for someone to do that.  The problem I have is someone I done a good job for had left me a 5 star review and now it's been wiped from my reviews.  I would like to know what's happened and why it's been removed as what's the point in me having customers leave reviews only for them to go missing.

Google Reviews

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Hi, this has happened to me a couple of times. Could you not ask the person who did the review to write you another one.

Google Reviews

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Hi peter,


I guess I could but I don't really want to bother them.  I'd much rather someone from google could explain or just refesh my account and have the review added back on to my page.  Thanks for taking the time to reply btw...I'm i right in thinking someone from google will read this at some point and provide an answer / solution or am I wasting my time?

Re: Google Reviews

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Its very hard when you work so hard to protect your name and go way further
for your clients and that happens. I could try to but they are difficult
people. I was actually shocked. I have never had a client that is not
happy with my services.

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