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Google Reviews - Review Not Showing

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I have recently started a Google my business account and I have six reviews. They were showing up in Google when I first got reviews but now they no longer show. In my manage location in dashboard I still able to see the reviews that were made. Why aren't the reviews showing up when my business is Googled now? 


Latona Images, Rochester, NY


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Google Reviews - Review Not Showing

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Hello Anthony, 


This might have to do with Google filtering your reviews. Joy Hawkins put together this great list of reasons for reviews being filtered:

  • URLs in reviews
  • The same review appears elsewhere online (Yelp, a testimonials page on your website etc)
  • The person who wrote the review is a manager of your G+ Page
  • The person who wrote the review works for you
  • The person wrote the review from the same computer/IP Address that you sign into to manage your local listing
  • The person wrote the review from the same IP address as other users who left you reviews
  • The person tried to post a review for you several times on different dates (Ex: they wrote one August 5 and it got filtered so they tried again on October 10)
  • You've been collecting reviews in mass within a short time frame
  • The person reviewing you has also reviewed multiple other businesses with the same name (if you have several locations and they reviewed all of them)
  • The person reviewing you has a completely blank G+ profile and has never had any activity on that Google profile before or after they left you that review.
  • You hired an SEO company to post reviews for you
  • You have an onsite review station (Ipad, Computer etc) at your location
  • You are offering incentives for people who write you reviews.
  • Your # of reviews is abnormally higher than most businesses in your industry.


Google Reviews - Review Not Showing

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Nope @Sergey A


the user @Anthony L is just affected by the same issue as being listed in the below linke thread.

@Anthony L welcome in the club


I recommend you adding you as a club member in here:

 Reviews Disappeared Only on Search Engine [still visible on maps]

Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile

Google Reviews - Review Not Showing

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I  also have this problem and non of these solutions have worked nor had google reached out to me to help. Meanwhile I have spent $$$ through google to advertise.