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Google Review disappeared

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My business is Paper Slam, and we received a review from a customer that was removed. 
We are trying to boost our online business profile by asking customers to review us, so I'd like to understand what may have happened here to make sure other reviews won't get removed. I'd also like to know if there's a way my customer can re-post the review.
Here are the details of my situation:
Currently there are 2  Paper Slam listings when there should only be one (we moved about 2 years ago, and I suspect that's what caused it). I didn't notice, however, until a month ago, so I went through the steps in my account to remove the duplicate listing, but it has yet to be removed. 
This is the correct location (108 Main St Warwick, NY): 
and this is the old location (Greenwood Lake, NY):
The new review was made under the correct Paper Slam location.
As far as I can tell, it didn't violate any of the Google rules (it wasn't made from our IP address, it wasn't posted anywhere else, no links in the review, and it was from someone with an established Google account)
I checked with my customer, and they did not remove the review. They can no longer see the review when signed into their account.
Luckily, I had copied the review into my Evernotes account when it was posted, so I have a copy of the text:
Paper Slam and my rep Julie consistently exceed my expectations in delivering me high quality menu printing. Julie catches details I miss and helps solve problems in ways that go above and beyond that of a normal printing service. She is also delightful and easygoing to boot! I cannot recommend this printing company enough.
Let me know if there is any other information needed to help identify the problem. Many thanks!