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Google Plus Page not Showing

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If you search baby equipment hire queenstown my business comes up at the top. However my Google Plus page is not showing but my competitors page is? I thought it was because they had baby equipment hire included in their business title. I added this to my business title but it hasn't made any difference? Do I just need to wait a while?


There was also an issue with Google not recognising my address for some reason.  I was prompted to click on the pin location and confirm it was correct.  I have done this today.  Again, is it just a case of being patient?


Also, I have two Google Plus pages. Just like a lot of others who didn't realise Google had created one automatically, I created a new one. They are both verified though. One page has 6 reviews and one has only one review. It seems pretty random on which page will show on serps. I was going to work on getting more reviews for the page Google set up automatically. Though now they've changed the whole Google Plus thing! The only way is for people to review via serps. I really can't be bothered with that now.  Google makes it far too hard!


If I use other search terms i.e. pram hire queenstown then my Google Plus page is showing.


Can anyone help on how to get my Google Plus page to show for searches "baby equipment hire queenstown"?



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Re: Google Plus Page not Showing

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Hi @Lucy W


It would be really handy to know what your business name is and the business page url please.


Adding a descriptor to your business name is not advised and it is against Google guidelines.


Do you have, baby equipment hire in your business description?


Please send across the details, so we can take a look. In the mean time, this is worth reading:

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Re: Google Plus Page not Showing

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Hi Tim,

Thank you for your reply.

I have looked up the Guidelines for representing your business on Google. It states: "Represent your business as it’s consistently represented and recognized in the real world across signage, stationery, and other branding."

My business is called Tots on Tour. On my business cards and vehicle sign writing it says Tots on Tour Queenstown's Quality Baby Equipment Hire. I'm currently trying to amend my website's tagline so it reads the same. Having a few issues here but that's another problem...

As mentioned previously, I have two Google Plus pages. Google created one and called it Tots on Tour. When I created my own Google Plus page I called it Tots on Tour Baby Equipment Hire Queenstown. The one I created is more in line with how my business is represented in the real word. I'm happy to change it to be exactly the same ie Tots on Tour Queenstown's Quality Baby Equipment Hire if that's what is required by Google? - (This is the page I created before realising Google had already created the one below)

or - (This page was created by Google. I have recently changed the name from Tots on Tour to Tots on Tour - Baby Equipment Hire Queenstown)

Interestingly my competitor has added the descriptor - Baby and Child Equipment Hire, Queenstown. This is not on their business cards.