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Google Plus Local or Brand or Both

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Somewhere along the way when creating my Google Plus page for my business it was created as a “Local” page. This is fine since I do like coming up in local results when people search for my type of business. All this time I’ve been posting to my local google plus page.

But I recently read that local google plus post's content isn’t indexed by google while google plus brand posts are.
I read about that here:

Since I would like the content of my posts to be indexed by google I went ahead and created a brand page.

My questions:
1. Is it true that google indexes brand posts but not local posts?
2. If I post the same content to both the local and brand pages is there a “duplicate content” issue?
3. Other than needing to manage two pages, are there any disadvantages or advantages to having both?


My Local Page:


My Brand Page:


(most annoying part was the custom URL I would have wanted for my brand page was already taken by my local page.)

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Re: Google Plus Local or Brand or Both

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Google indexes posts on both G+ brand and Local pages.

I think you may have over thought the article as it doesn't explicitly say that they index one and not the other.

There is absolutely NO advantage to having two pages and it is a complete waste of time.

Posting on your brand page offers no significant benefit that posting on your Local page does not. 


I would content though that posting on either is a waste of time UNLESS you have a focused strategy to create followers in an interest area like a collection or community. The challenge is doing that in a way that benefits a local business. 

Re: Google Plus Local or Brand or Both

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Hmm, I guess you're right it doesn't explicitly say that. The way it's worded in a couple places is very unclear. This text (combined with text just above it) makes it sound as if the branded page is more work but it's worth the extra work because you get SEO benefits that you don't get with a local page:

"A Google+ brand page does require community management, so it will take up more of your time than a Google+ local business page, but the SEO benefits alone will make it worth your while."

So as far as how Google index the content on a page and SEO is concerned a Brand page is identical to a Local page?

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Re: Google Plus Local or Brand or Both

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A page is a page is a page as far as Google is concerned. And content posted on either is evaluated the same and indexed the same.

That being said a Brand page never shows in search unless they have a Wikipedia entry and the posts almost NEVER shows up in search unless they have had an article shared a gadzillion times

Posting is no longer an seo play.

Google has changed the focus of + to a place where you can share common interests via Communities and collections within Plus. Very little of that ever makes it to the front page of Google.

A local page on the other hand will show on the front page of Google with or without posts.

Given that, why waste your time posting at all?