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Google Places gone haywire. please help

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Hi guys this is my first time here so I hope I have this in the right spot.  

I'll make this as brief and as clear as possible but I have a bad habit of shooting off on tangents. :)

I have a photography business in Adelaide Australia. Paulmac Photography. I live in a suburb called Craigburn farm which is a suburb of Adelaide.  The city centre ( CBD) is quite small.


I and my web designer/SEO person have worked hard to do all the right things to build a relevant page which ticks all the right boxes to rank well and I was happy to see that we got bumped up in Google places from 4th ( where people searching had to look at 'other places) wher I had been for a long time up to 2nd and even first for some keywords.  The main ones being ' Adelaide wedding photographers'

This was all going fine until around 4 days or so ago when it seems that Google places has just been turned on it's head. Myself and another photographer... He has always been ranked in the top three that I can remember suddenly got dropped to 12th and 14th and we have no idea why?  We have photographers above us that have zero or perhaps one review and even a newborn photographer ranking above wedding photographers.  I'm just wondering if anyone here from Google can explain what's happened?


The only thing I can see that may make sense is that it seems to have perhaps rearranged the listings into distance from the Adelaide CBD.  Although this may seem a loigical way of listing us it just doesn't work in some cities I would imagine. It basically penalises us for not having our business in the 'Adelaide CBD'   People that live in my city would never Google a suburb followed by Wedding photographer. They would assume that Googling 'Adelaide wedding photographer' would cover all the suburbs within Adelaide.


I hope this makes sense and would really appereciate it if someone knows why this has changed and penalised everyone with great reviews and relevant sites by placing others above them.


Many thanks... Really appreciate your help


As you can imagine it's made quite a difference to the amount of traffic we have been receiving.




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Re: Google Places gone haywire. please help

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Not sure why you have to describe it as "gone haywire"

I get your business on page two of all results for "Wedding Photographer near adelaide SA"


See below:

Screenshot 2016-01-23 at 14.08.34.png


Lear more about "Ranking of local results on Google"



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Re: Google Places gone haywire. please help

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Thanks for the reply Helmut but something changed dramaticall in this listing around 5 days ago now.

Whilst I appreciate that I'm on page two I'm a bit miffed how I went from page one on Google places to quite far down on page two.

You'll also notice in the screenshot you have posted that there are businesses listed above mine with zero reviews and not even an address and I was just wondering how this happens? There are businesses inc mine that have an address, a website and great reviews that have been taken way down the list.

The main search term too to give you a more accurate result is ' Adelaide wedding Photography'

As I mentioned in my first post we worked our way back to page one after making our website relevant and having good content. And there were other photographers that had done all the right things that were in the top three that have now been dropped down to about position 17.

Were all just a little lost as to what happened and why it happened so quickly. the other photographer that you may find 'Luke Simon Photography' was in the top three for at least the last year ( he has a great site, great reviews, great content and adds fresh content regularly). and is now waaay down the list on page two and again has photographers with zero reviews, no address etc. Just doesn't make sense.

Thanks again for any help you can give me with this.