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Google My Business listing no longer appears in search by city

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My Google My Business listing no longer appears when I do a search that includes my city name: "court reporter colorado springs".


I have to include "north" in order for it to appear now:"court reporter colorado springs north"


It appears that something has changed so that my business is not included when I only search by the city. There are only 5 businesses that do what we do so it is not like mine is getting lost in the results -- it is not there. I have been on the results for months and months and now it is gone. Here are the search terms:


"court reporter colorado springs"


but mine appears when I do:


"court reporter colorado springs north"


Here is my info:


Elliott Reporting, Inc.

1755 Telstar Drive #300 Colorado Springs, Colorado 80920

719) 622-6222

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Re: Google My Business listing no longer appears in search by city

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@Brian E


I can't help much 


But your issue sounds pretty similar to the  issue in here:

Re: my business listing does not show up in the city its located.


As I have escalated this other thread to Google I will add your thread as well to the same escalation.

Helmut Geissler, Google My Business Top Contributor   |  my G+ profile

Re: Google My Business listing no longer appears in search by city

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To add more information to this, if I add the word "city" to my search, then I am the top listing!

"court reporter colorado springs city"

But if I take it off:

"court reporter colorado springs"

My business is no where to be found (even on the full listing (picking "More places")! I can't see any rational explanation of why adding the word "city" would change the geolocation algorithm?

Google My Business support (after 3 separate discussions) basically says they don't have access to how the organic search works with the business listings and so just try to improve my "page" (Google My Business page -- not web site) by adding content, reviews and driving people to it. I understand this but it doesn't seem to apply to what I am experiencing and for them to explain why the search behaves this way and seems to be malfunctioning.They just keep repeating how organic search works and there a no guaranteed results from one day to the next. This is very frustrating!

Here is my best guess is why this is happening -- a change to the Google My Business search in April that seems to effect locations:

According to this video ("Did Your Google My Business Listing Disappear?") from an Internet marketing company, Google changed its search for Google My Business listings involving business locations in April and the fix is to update the Google Business location slightly and the listings would appear:

Re: Google My Business listing no longer appears in search by city

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This is still very puzzling to me!

According to the following Google My Business support video at 49 seconds into the video, if you search by category and city, your business make not show up. My questions is "why not?" Is that because there may be too many businesses so Google has to limit them? In my case, there are only 5 in town.

But this statement seems to be contradicted at 1:16 minutes into the video where they show a way of seeing "all the dry cleaners" in your local area:

I have tried updating my Google My Business listing to add a zip+4 zip code and additional content and waiting 10 days but nothings seems to make a difference.

Re: Google My Business listing no longer appears in search by city

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I think I have tracked down this issue every further and it seems to be a problem with the Google Search results as the user navigates the results from one page to the next:
Start with a search ("court reporter colorado springs best") and you should see the following results with my map location and business listing:
Inline image 4
Then pick my business listing (Elliott Reporting, Inc.), it links to this URL:
This is what you get:
Inline image 2
Notice there is No:
- Elliott Reporting, Inc. location on the map
- Elliott Reporting, Inc. business listing in the far left listing of all the businesses 
My business is not then on the map or not in the listing on the far left but this example shows that it should be - example of "dry cleaners Colorado springs best"
Inline image 1
Also, if you pick on the map on the Google business results (from the "court reporter colorado springs best" it links to this URL:
And gives this:
Inline image 3
Notice there is No map location or business listing! 
Notice in both cases the URL has the search terms, "court reporter colorado springs best" and a latitude and a longitude but does not locate my business on the map or show my business listing is within the area but it does find it with the area and with the relevant search terms on the first search. So the the Google support of telling me optimize my business page is not applicable in this case because my listing does show but gets lost: the search finds it for the first search but loses it for the linked pages.

Re: Google My Business listing no longer appears in search by city

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Thanks for escalating my and the other issue ( to Google. Hopefully, my recent postings will help them track down both issues!



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Re: Google My Business listing no longer appears in search by city

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My issue has been resolved! I checked two days ago and saw it starting to work but inconsistently. But over the last day or so, it now shows my Google My Business listing within the top 3 consistently under the search for "court reporter colorado springs" But I have not changed my content at all and I doubt whether this is due to organic searching but must almost certainly to a change to Google search engine. It would be nice to get some feedback from Google to understand what they changed so it doesn't happen again. Thanks to Helmut for reporting this!